Massive LPG Tank Explodes at Service Station...Caught on phones and car cameras

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Around 1.15 pm local time, a gas leak occurred at a Service station on Lok Thanuey Rd, Siem Reap, causing a massive explosion. Full details of the cause are yet to be determined.

Two people are suspected to have died and several more have been injured from the explosion One of the injured is a friend of ours who was on her way back to teach at school. You can see her in the photo walking down the street with her shirt torn apart and burns to her back. She is also on the back of the last moto to ride past, just as the explosion goes off. She is ok now, However, the man you see directing the lady is in hospital and severely burnt. There are no reports on the lady in red whether she is ok or not... we can only hope so.

These photos do not belong to me, they have been taken by people on the scene at the time.

Updated reports

Reports now say that 12 people have been injured including one American and one British woman. Another woman has been already been pronounced deceased, while six more are reported as seriously injured, and a further six others have minor injuries.

The incident took 12 fire trucks to extinguish the fire.
Our friend who was injured has been transferred to the capital city Phnom Penh hospital with burns to 35% of her body.









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wow sorry to hear of this.

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This was horrific! Thanks for sharing on P.Y.P.T!


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