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As you can see in the screenshot above, three of my players are now injured and none of them will be fit to play anytime soon. It's really bad for the team especially now that most of my players energy deplete very fast and I need to be rotating the team as much as possible. However, I have to adapt and still find a way for the team to win irrespective of the negative effects.

We played a 1-all draw in today's game. It is a match we were supposed to win because we were the better side but I couldn't get time to set the right tactics and substitute my players and that made it went down like that. Till I come your way again tomorrow. Thanks for dropping by...


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Hello @olasamuel, I'm sorry about your 3 players. However, your post should have been more descriptive. Please endeavour to write a unique review so you could receive an upvote from the reality.curate account. Thanks for contributing to realityhubs.

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