Review of a game-changing error

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Chelsea played their first competitive match in the newly started premier league season against Manchester United on Sunday under the management of former midfielder, Frank Lampard and we saw them lost by a margin of four goals without getting any goal in return. That was really disastrous for the team especially now that a lot of pressure will be on Lampard.


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Maybe there could have been a game changer for Chelsea in that match. I think the match would have ended in something different maybe if Pedro was not selfish with the ball as shown in the image above. A lot of Chelsea fans have felt some serious pain against Manchester United when one of the senior player, Pedro chose to do some kind of Cruyff turn in that match, despite the fact that he has a better option to give a pass to his teammate for a one on one which could have probably led to a fine goal equalizer for the London team.

His irritating habit of keeping his head down while playing has really caused that selfish act for him. If he would have kept his head up to see his teammate, then it would have really been a game changing moment for blues as that came up when the game was in the balance. Some Chelsea fans have reacted to this on social media as expected, especially as the number of goals conceded was too much.


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