New furnace, oh yes i am back

in #palnet5 years ago

So it seems like forever i have waited for my new furnace after the last one broke and to be fair it has been two months but i am back.

In the past i was working off the floor of the shed but i have got an old work table to produce some bits and bobs, i had been planning on to pour some silver for the past few weeks but i do like to shake things up a little bit so i poured a few little copper ingots.


This is the only one i cleaned up and i feel this is a keeper as it is the first pour from a new furnace and has very little monetary value, i will be probably doing another post soon to show off some other goodies i have made.


This is great: to see someone who pours their own bars. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Resteemed!

Burning down the house!!! 😁👍

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