SPUD 4? Staked them up. Oh...and let me tell you a little secret...

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Hello peeps!! How's everyone doing?

So, August the 1st today and it's one more chance for a power up thanks to @streetstyle's initiative that "pushes" fellow steemians to "officially" power up their steem tokens every couple of months and stop trading steem in the exchanges for 24 hours.

If that's the way to make the price of steem climb a bit...hey...I am all in!

Unfortunately, I didn't have much steem to power up today, just some 50 or so tokens but that's only because I keep powering up on daily basis...wallets don't lie ya know...

2019-08-01 11_07_04-Steemit Wallet.png

On second thought...

I powered up some PAL...and LEO tokens too. It's a power up day after all, right? So I'd better do it properly :P

Powering up is not just an action in order to gain bigger influence on the platform. It is much more than that. It is commitment. It's the proof that you have a vision, a dream...and that you are here for the long haul. I've repeatedly said that if everyone does their part on their chain, and focuses on what they are good at, steem will eventually thrive.

But you knew that already huh? NO?

You think steem can't change your life? Feeling depressed looking at the charts...and the price and such? Then don't! Just keep building. Keep producing and stay engaged with others. Maybe you need a push....Let's see...

Yesterday, I decided to do an experiment. Took a screenshot of my wallet late at night, and decided not to claim my rewards for 24 hours sharply, just to see if / how much my account grew while I did...nothing.


So, this is the screenshot I was talking about.

2019-07-31 00_40_09-.png

But due to the force of habit I forgot to take a new screenshot 24 hours later and just hit the claim button...dammit. BUT, I do remember that my account grew almost 0.8 Steem in just 24 hours and I didn't do a single thing.

0.8 steem might seem an insignificant amount that makes no difference, right? WRONG! Let's do the math shall we?

0.8 x 365 = 292 STEEM per year for a 13 K SP holder such as myself. "Hi, this is me...inflation." That's 2920 Steem per year for a 130 K SP holder and a 29200 Steem per year for a 1.3 Mil SP holder.

At current prices you are right, it makes no big of a difference, but how about when steem hits 10$ - USD wise-?

That's ~ 3000$ , 30000$ and 300000$ per year respectively. And remember, your account will keep on growing by doing absolutely nothing.

Triggered now?


My account is much smaller than yours but I started claiming once a day and noticed the same effect. I also lease delegated sp, and see the amount I am leasing grow each week when I check my account. It is not much, but it is something :)

Over time it will be huge.

Maybe I will start tracking this to get encouragement. There are so many new things on steem that it is hard to keep up!

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no more than 500+ SP for me, wanna rest...

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