Using Primitive Tool To Get Rid Of Coconut Skin 🥥🥥🥥 || Simple Manual Method On How To Unskin Coconut 🥥🥥And Its Health Benefit

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Hello everyone 💞 ♨️,

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It already late evening here but before I go to bed I will like to discuss briefly what I called Natural White Water And its Health Benefit , couple of times I do pretend as if I do not eat or consume this particular Kind of food when I pay people visit but trust me, I feed on it and I really appreciate Nature and it existence. I sometimes wonder how this really came to pass , how water came to being in Coconut, but I rap up things by saying Thank God For Life. There are many things in life that you can not make any further research on it than to accept your fate.

I Consume more of Coconut most especially when it is in its natural state not the processed form. When it is consumed freshly just as I am holding it , it has alot of Natural health benefits such as,

  • It helps to reveal more positive possible solution to the eye problem.
  • It improve the human sensitivity
  • it increase libido in both parties.
  • It shinning the body skin when used.
  • It increases the Intellectual development on both male and female.


What actually happened here was that , I showed in Steps how to remove the back skin of the Coconut. This took me 15 minutes to get rid of it finally. But it has to be step by step with great precautions. It looks very simpler but it need some techniques.

You have to get some implement if you want to use manual machine which is called Cutlass. I used this as a primitive tool to get rid of it.

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Great post matt. And them fibers make excellent rope too!

Yes, that's true. Very thick and long lasting rope. Thanks for your feedback

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How do you get the water out?

Just one method I know, by cracking it up into pieces or better still digging a little hole in it. 🥥🥥

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Wow, that is a lot of work but it looks great! I see you asked how to get started in Steem Monsters, the digital card game on the Steem blockchain. You can go to and start playing today for free! You click on code then create account! Good luck!

Oh. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I will definitely try out steem monster

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