28 Days Nextcolony, Review after 4-5Hours Gameplay, What is achievable?

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After 4 Weeks on my first Planet, while I was playing 2-Times a day for (5-10Min), so around 4-5 hours actual playtime. This is how far I made it.
20190721 21_10_11Skills.png

1 Planet only
Meta-Skill Level: lvl. 183
Coal Mine (11)+1040.00 / Day (+43.33 / Hour)
Ore Mine (11)+560.00 / Day (+23.33 / Hour)
Copper Mine (11)+260.00 / Day (+10.83 / Hour)
Uranium Mine (11)+130.00 / Day (+5.42 / Hour)

My last Weeks Post actually Won a Price!
Go check this out and win too, there are still some ready to grab! This week you only have to restreem this post to a super valuable Blueprint: https://steempeak.com/game/@nextcolony/transporter-iii-blueprints-sent-new-giveaway
20190724 11_52_10My Items.png

How long till I can make ships?
I'm 45% done with the Corvette Tech Tree and I still need Level20 on that to create my first Ships. I expect the first Corvettes in around 1-2 weeks from now. That means:

Anyone who starts NextColony today, can be a Space Exploring Species in 40 Days from now! Isn't that cool?

20190731 01_56_14Skills.png

Requirements and Details:
20190731 01_59_42Shipyard.png

For me now, patience is the key to victory. I'll keep my Base researching Day and Night until I can finally explorer the infinity Universe.

My Tipp at this Point is:
Prioritize mining Skills before any other, from the very beginning on. Your Mining Skills should be 2-3 Levels higher than the Rest of all your Skill Levels are.

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Best Regards, Manni


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