@Ma1neEvent's First Post on Palnet.io!

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Palnet.io is officially here!

Greetings Steem and Palnet Community!

@Ma1neEvent here, testing out this new Palnet.io interface.
It seems pretty easy to use so far!

Original Photo by @Ma1neEvent

I personally didn't have a ton of input in to this whole projct, despite being a long time moderator with MSP, but I am very impressed with what the @MinnowSupport Project team has put together here. I personally know nothing about tokens, front ends, or any of that tech stuff. However, I have always been a lover of Steem, and have stuck with the blockchain since May of 2017. I love being a curator and content creator on Steem. I am excited to see where Palnet and many other community based projects can go from here! Props to everyone involved in this new adventure!

A big HELLO to everyone out there who is experiencing Palnet.io with us!

What do you think of it so far?
Leave some comments below...

Read more about PALNET:






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This is the first I heard of Palnet, thanks for sharing and now I should go and check it out

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

Hopefully a new frontier for communities to be able to do more on Steem!

I must admit I got distracted and did not check it out will go and do that now

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Hi, @ma1neevent!

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I had heard vaguely about it but still haven't figured out what it is.

The links above in the post explain it a bit more, but basically a new front end for Steem.

Yes I just posted on it now. I followed you backwards

very cool, hope you are doing well @sugarfix!

Yeah not so bad at the moment. How is your real life radio show going?

All things radio on pause for me at the moment, taking a break. Still doing the other djing stuff though, just finished up prom season