Be a PAL, wouldya, and take me for a little spin!

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Just heard about the PAL drop 3 days ago. I mean, I just heard about it today. But it happened three days ago. So if you're an active, valid, bonafide steem user, go fetch your claim today!

They've got a blog interface set up as well. Just post directly from or you can tag palnet and it will post there.

Click Here: Everything you need to know about PAL

  • How to claim your PAL
  • How to stake your PAL to get Pal Power
  • How to post on PALnet
  • And more!

Hey, welcome back to the platform! :)

Great to see you back again!

Thanks @holoz0r! It's great to see you too! I'm sooo happy to be back. It took awhile to get over some...stuff. But I'm here. And that's that.

I've been seeing the hype train leaving the station, i guess I should get on board

Yeah, the curators are being very generous on PAL, as it were. I'd get it while it's hot. And stake it, cuz it's the right thing to do.

Lol well PAL in Cape Town is a slang word for sex so I guess I better get my PAL on it they are being so generous 😋

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Well now, is that so?

I guess you better get your PAL on. The offerings are generous at this juncture.

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Aw, look at you, all the way over here on PAL! You don't rest for a minute.

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