This is a fantastic write up of what many of us feel. The desire to just be left alone and live as we see fit.

It is, of course, at odds with the control mechanisms that are in place. Politics is the great destroyer and they do a good job getting people to buy in. It is all about violence, at every level.

How does Justice welcome those who denied it to you?

The question seems a little strangely worded. However, the first things that come to mind are empathy/understanding & forgiveness.

By putting ourselves in the place of another, especially their trauma & conditioning, it becomes much easier to understand why they act/speak in the ways that they do.

From that place of understanding, and connecting with their human-ness, it becomes much easier to forgive for the harm they've caused.

It certainly is at odds with the old paradigm control systems, but I think that is far less important to how naturally it comes to us. Everywhere we look, the spontaneous order of humans talking/living/being close to those they are more aligned with plays out.

I think it all comes back to two key lessons/consciousness shifts:

  1. The concept of personal responsibility. Both in a moral sense, and in a creating-your-experience sense.
  2. The concept that it is wrong to violate/coerce others.

With those two things in place, it seems like the rest of the societal training would be rapidly [relatively speaking] dissolved in someone's consciousness.

Good talk!
The primary enemy of all of us is this monological corporate nation-state vision that is being forced onto civilization on a worldwide scale. And that is Biblical in scope...

What if there is no primary enemy?
What if it's actually us and each other? It certainly seems like it. "You are your own worst enemy."

Society is full of people who think and act like that without even realising it!

Sure, as long as you want to deny reality. When Exxon poisoned the Arctic and the Gulf coast that wasn't them according to your philosophy.
When people in Bhopal India were chemically poisoned to death it wasn't Union-Carbide who did it.
Do you also argue for getting rid of Law Courts totally, too, as no one, it seems to me, is guilty under your metaphysics--except for humans in general, of course--which is where the archons always lay the blame.

My apologies if I've strawman'd your comment a tad:P I do get what you're suggesting but simply disagree with the metaphysics behind the comment.

lol it's fine. You're making me trying to remember what I meant when I wrote it now... Perhaps I should have replaced "you are your own worst enemy victim" as the Global Homogeniety being enforced on us by the hidden global elite is something we are born into and struggle every day against.

There ya go! Now we understand each other precisely:)

BTW: there isn't a way to do this but if we could test the archon DNA from the Roman senate and political and warring elite 2000-years ago I'd bet dollars to donuts it matches those in D.C. today...

@honeybee posted an opportunity to discuss anarchist policy regarding pandemic response, and I noted that our personal responsibility best enables society to respond to this specific threat. If everyone took action proactively themselves to secure their persons and property from pandemic threats, we'd all be self-quarantined already, no longer touch public surfaces without first wiping them down with bleach, and no longer greet one another by hugging, kissing, or shaking hands. By taking personal responsibility we'd quickly drop the R0 of this virus below 1 and end this pandemic.

Statists glued to the official fake news will not be alerted to the existential reality, and will not be prompted to take nominal action to prevent spread of the disease, necessitating brutal state quarantines and imposition of totalitarian despotism that will disrupt society needlessly and with extreme prejudice. As a result, many statists will lose their lives, property, and freedom.

This is an opportunity to transcend the present statist paradigm, and enable folks capable of reason to adopt personal responsibility to secure themselves.


Yep, as usual personal responsibility solves the problem quick & easy.

And certainly, the control systems don't want people to take that responsibility; they want people to beg for help, and open the doors to these facial recognition drones and such that China is pushing out.

Honestly, looking at the death rates for Corona, with basically anyone who's not a "boomer" (and not immune-compromised) effectively safe... Sure seems like a good way to shift their "voter" base from folks who remember personal responsibility to 100% snowflake generation :-/

It is fairly easy for folks to test their foolishness. It's basically one question, if it's honestly answered: do I have an opinion on any subject I know nothing about? If the answer is yes, you are a fool.

There is a constant drumbeat of the young agitating against the old. It was ancient when I was young, observed by Plato. What young folks do not grasp when they disparage the aged is that the aged were young once, and their attitudes have changed from those they held in their youth due to their experience. Given their lack of experience, the young are baffled by this attitudinal disagreement with their youthful enthusiasm and willingness to adopt radical and unproven ideas.

The aged boomers have done this, and learned from that mistake. Insofar as boomers are the primary targets of this pandemic, the world will suffer a loss of experience that will be irreplacable during this crisis, and that will leave our youth existentially vulnerable to political manipulation they have no ability to understand.

As a boomer relatively likely to suffer the worst consequences of this pathogen due to comorbidities, it is my hope that far more factually based and reasonable young are paying close attention to ongoing events than I think are. My only purpose in living at this point is to empower such people to best enjoy the blessings of liberty and prosperity. In the event, which seems likely, of my swift demise, I shall be unavailable to provide such assistance as my life experience enables me to provide, and that is what most disturbs me about my eventual passing from this world.

Youths that denigrate experience deserve what they get. Sadly, their mistakes will harm others, who do not deserve that fate. For any that might be reading these words and sympathizing with youth derogating boomers, I urge you to resist peer pressure and apply reason and factual knowledge to the best of your abilities.


Statists glued to the official fake news will not be alerted to the existential reality,

Statists wait, and rue the wisdom of hindsight when the state invariably treats them like the child they were groomed into being. The government should not raise you or anyone!

This is an opportunity to transcend the present statist paradigm, and enable folks capable of reason to adopt personal responsibility to secure themselves.

Yes, i've thought similar but not in terms of transcending or opportunity. Moreso in terms of jamming, short-circuiting and deprogramming.

You've hit the nail on the head! I think we all need to sit back and see where you can find common ground and start building a real alternative together and stop listen to this divided and conqure BS. Great work as always 💯🐒

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