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Howdy Melinda! Thunderstorms and fireworks, he's had a bad week! That top photo is fabulous! Is that one of yours when you visited? Ransom is such a handsome guy.


Ransom stays so close to me that I have to constantly watch that I don't run over his toes! The top photo is one of the vacation photos that they sent me. I have never been to Steamboat. You have me beat on that one!

Ransom needs to get used to the wheels but if he's panicked he might not be thinking straight huh? If he got caught just a little on the side of his foot or something it might make him pay attention.

I know I have run over his feet more than once. He has not figured out to keep a safe distance. He is tight beside me everywhere I go!

Because of the storms right? Just like Jack, it's amazing. If I stand up he stands between my legs. lol. If he was little he'd probably be fine riding on your lap.

He is pressing against me when I am still wet from the shower and I end up with dog hair stuck to me! Ransom is the same as Jack. If I move so does he. If I get up during the night to go to the bathroom he gets up to. I have convinced him that it is okay to sleep on the floor beside the bed. He is too much of a bed hog to sleep beside me.

oh he would rather sleep in the bed with you? lol. We cured Jack of that when he was younger but he wanted to sleep with us too, not enough room! lol.

Yes it's so funny that even when you go to the bathroom they follow us in. lol.

He goes home on Sunday and while I will miss him it will be nice to have my privacy back! 😂

lol! Yes it sure will be. I bet he'll be anxious to come see you again though! He'd probably come the next week!

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