5 Ways To On-board More Steem Users.

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5 Ways To On-board More Steem Users.
1} Become a Dolphin and farm new accounts with RC {to give away}.
This solution is simple and some Whales and Dolphins already do this. You can create account with your RC here - - > https://codebull.github.io/AccountCreate/ Free Steem accounts for new users take too long. This is a great way to give out new accounts instantly. The problem however, is that you have to do this manually. There is no service for Whales/Dolphins to dump free accounts for new users to pick up.

2} Use pegged tokens on Steem-engine to on-board users from other chains.
Steem-engine.com has several Pegged tokens which represent tokens from other chains. There is Bitcoin Pegged, Litecoin Pegged, Weku Pegged etc. Project creators from Steem could use sites like Bounty0x to hire coders and developers from other chains.This will naturally produce cross-chain promotion. EOS pegged could be used to hire more game developers for the Steem chain.

3} Token bundles for new users.
Imagine if every time some created a new token on Steem-engine; they had the option to issue X amount of their token to bundle to new accounts! This could be done through a site like steem.ninja. Free accounts don't have much Resource Credits: But trading Steem-engine tokens doesnt require Resource Credits! Having a small bundle of free tokens could give new users a quicker start.

4} Create more off chain forums about steem.
There needs to be a way for normies to find out about steem. No one is going to stumble onto the chain randomly, unless there is lots of off chain information about steem. This could include more reddit threads, re-launching tokenbb, starting facebook groups, steem chat sites etc.

5} Advertise Steem projects more often.
If smaller developers factored in advertising to their model it would be a gateway for new users to join steem. Sure, it wouldbe nice if SteemitInc advertised more: But not many block chains advertise from the top. Individual developers advertise. Think about it: You've probably seen lots of adverts for EOS games; but have you ever seen an advertisment for the ETH chain? Probably not. Some steem projects advertise {on non steem sites}; but not many.

Nothing in this article should be considered personal or financial advice.

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