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Can you imagine a world where there are no diseases? Where any genetic problem can be solved before a human is born. Now we are even closer to finding that perfection in the animal kingdom. Recently scientists from the prestigious University of Cambridge, obtained an artificial embryo created with stem cells from mice which carried out by themselves the sustainable healthy growth through a process called gastrulation, which consists of cell formation, but the interesting thing is that in the experiment they managed to make the artificial embryo the center of attention.


The group of scientists, led by Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, who publish frequently in the science review Nature Cell Biology, who assured that now it will be possible to study more efficiently the formation and development of human embryos.

I understand that in order to perform the gastrula. They need 3 types of cells, that's how they modified the mouse embryo. To make the experiment effective.


In this way they can make the embryos look more like real embryos, the next step is to develop them even more for which they are working to create an artificial placenta.

If the studies are carried out successfully, these modifications could be made in human embryos, using the corresponding amount of stem cells. This is a giant step forward in the field of modern medicine.
Without having to use natural human embryos to study hereditary diseases, our worst evil.


When it comes to studying human embryos, strong legislation only allows the study of human embryos when they are less than 14 days old, if everything is positive now embryos could be studied for a longer period of time.

It is important that we are aware from multiple points of view, as some groups refuse not only to experiment with animal stem cells, but also with human stem cells. It is difficult to move forward with opposing groups. The flip side of the coin is that 100% of the advances in medicine today are products of more than 50 years of research, where all available resources have been used to improve medicine.


We also have to take great care of human life but without reaching limits where life itself is manipulated, as long as that medical technology is to eradicate diseases, I personally think there are no problems. But if it were to be used for other purposes, it would be lamentable for life itself. But in itself there are more rumors of improper use of these technologies than their decent propositions of wanting to perfect our body. If medicine as we know it today, increased our life at a higher age, than in the Middle Ages for example where hundreds of thousands of people died from causes of hereditary diseases that today are some eradicated, while oras are easily controlled with drugs.


So let us think well before trying to destroy in a moralistic way any good intention of the goodness of modern science.
Dangerous is the genetic modification to which the planes have been subjected by companies such as Monsanto, which have shown that they end up being carcinogenic, to stop taking away reproductive qualities. That is sad.


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Have you ever seen Gattaca? It's one of my all time favorite movies (in fact, typing this out I now think I"ll watch it yet again tonight). I think it is the ultimate triumph of the human soul movie. In a future where those that are not genetically engineered are loser, one many has the courage to do whatever it takes to chase his dream.

This article really reminds me of that potential future... where if you are not engineered, you're going to have an insane amount of challenges.