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RE: Turbo Steem Hamster Wheel

in #palnet11 months ago

It will be interesting to see if your auto-voters go away. All they watching to see who stops voting for them and removing votes as well? Or do we have inertia at the top?

Do you see better quality in pal? I have not really looked over there, since I vote here.


It's still early to compare, but you only need to use palnet tag and still post on steemit as usually. You might get some rewards. And no bots here and a group of moderators.

Yes, that is what I have been doing. I tag all with palnet now. I average about 0.50 pal on each post, so I will soon be rich!

I post only with dapps that pay on steem, and the couple pal posts I did there got nothing in comparison. I thinks it is best for me to stay on steem, but we shall see with this fork thing coming up.