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When I say America deserves to fail, it should not mean by this post that we deserve pestilence and famine.

There is an impeachment trial going on with theories about how silently withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for information about a corrupt globalist (Joe Biden) is somehow an impeachable offense. That has been what is consuming the time of the house and now senate for months. New theories about how it is illegal for the president to withhold aid. So I guess if aid is ever an hour, a day, or a month late that is somehow illegal. Funny just 20-30 years ago then president bill Clinton was able to manage a budget with a line item veto [and IPO laddering*], before the scotus struck down that power. So the concept of withholding aid for a periods of time is at best new, and dare I say contrived, crime unless it amounts to a line item veto. Anyways, the legal remedy would be a writ of mandamus-not an impeachment.

The house last year was shut down for extended periods of time in regards to funding a yuge border wall. I support the idea of a border wall for the ability to seal it up when there is a virulent outbreak. Yeah, since getting a hands-on education in working with steel I know how silly the idea of sealing the border actually is as many conservatives desire. But sealing the border is a necessity in a time of a national emergency or invasion-like what happened to Europe. Well Guess I can't visit France now-I'll be prosecuted.

Mother nature has decided to declare war against mankind, and has invaded our borders rather quickly (seattle, and now reportedly texas). Now granted every few years there are health scares about the latest health pandemic. Like SARS or zika, they come out deadly or disabling, mutate, and go never to be heard of again. Most people don't take the pandemic hysteria seriously, because they see this mass hysteria year after year after year. Much ado about nothing.
Having done some geneology work, I hear the spanish flu killed the first wife of my great grand father. And Tuberculosis wiped out a good portion of the UBER RURAL town my great grandmother lived in-including her parents-for whom the records I have seen confirming tuberculosis/consumption. So my great grandmother was raised by her uncle. How does white privilege work again? Nature is cruel.

TB is pretty much under control, Spanish flu ceased to be, and Ebola is somewhat quarantined through poverty in monkey eating regions of Africa-save for the cancer known as SJWs. Leprosy is rare, the Major bubonic plague outbreaks hasn't rapidly spread in centuries. Polio and small pox are about eradicated. Measles was about eradicated until we got soft on the border, then the liberals all became blame the jews. Just about everything these days in the media praying upon our fears, scaring us into getting our shots when it is questionable if they are even needed-some of which have have dead babies in them and against our religion. . BTW, autism isn't a bad thing; the rest of society is.

Sometimes the force gets angry and creates a new being high in midichlorians that will indiscriminantly kill all the men, women and children. A horror that measures far worse than the maddest galactic leaders. We, as we all know, have a deadly virus originating from the Wuhan district of china, spreading throughout Asia and even reaching the USA. China, our source virtually all produced good, besides food, in the USA. We can get everything we may want or need from china at almost no cost, and the wealthy can buy viable organs from unwilling muslim donors for transplant. The USA is essentially dependent upon them, and our government keeps printing off more and more notes so we essentially get their stuff for free.

We've failed to protect out ability to make things, and we've failed to build a border wall. So we don't really have the ability to seal our land borders, close the air ports, and close the sea ports because Americans generally are too incapable. The virus going to get in no matter how much the CDC screens people. Meanwhile the congress and senate is spending all their time trying to impeach a president because the idea of President Trump hurt the democrats feelings.

"facts don't care about your feelings". Did you read that in a whiny Ben Shapiro voice?

Again most of these alarmist viri end up mostly being scaremongering. But the salivating democrats have cooked up a a perfect storm. If this has the potential to be a spanish flu or worse. If that be the case and you survive, just remember what your elected leaders are doing at the moment. And initial reports and estimates, which are always murky and typical in scaremongering, are riddled with errors. It sound to be highly infectious. Infowars found a professor who is claiming the death rate Infowars connected summit news is reporting a previous Nature report that a research facility in Wuhan contained <a href=">some of the deadliest viruses in the world, and feeding the idea/conspiracy that it could be man made weapon of mass destruction virus that escaped. Cough, like the USA reportedly did with Lyme disease. So natural or man made, Just sit back and think about it while our leaders are wasting their time and resources with an impeachment proceeding. It's not that they are capable of stopping a mass outbreak; They can't even balance a budget. And of course then won't have the debates, divert resources, or design policies to mitigate the risks, or pay for the cost or planning the logistics of a potentially serious epidemic until it is too late.

With our present congressional leaders, America deserves to fail. About the only highlight now is that the house is now, for the most part free,but we have quite the backlog in the senate now. The house is where spending bills originate, but any bills they pass still need to go through the senate. We have a deadly invasion, and all the house managers can do is say, "orange man bad", and "we got all this like, pft, evidence".

//source idiocracy by Mike Judge.

Meanwhile, the Chinese plan to build a new hospital in Wuhan in 6 days time; Shovel to operational. How many months of committee would that have to go through in the USA if our government wanted to finance building a hospital?

Certainly people will start calling you names if you become a prepper. Supposing a Spanish flu like situation were to occur today, use reason. Don't be afraid to have a few months of food on hand to mitigate your exposure to others; won't you eat it anyways and the interest rate for savings is near 0 anyways. Will you really care what they think if in the end you survive, and their disease infected corpse waiting to be cremated by a team in a hazmat suit? When 80% of Americans can't find Iran on a map, and suddenly overnight to continue the "orange man bad" mantra they become middle east experts, Who the hell cares what they think or opine.

*Meanwhile many ipo laddering executives went on to claim senate seats as democrats, and their firms survive the 2008 bubble at the taxpayer expense while their competitors were allowed to fail in the 2008 recession under bush. And democrats helped out bail out blue firms like GM, restructuring them so they would force conservative dealerships off the market while also letting conservative manufacturer chrysler fail. None of them should have been bailed out, but we see the political ambitions of bureaucrats to determine the political economy and how their dollars will flow. Taxpayer subsidized USPS deals amazon to kill local retailers. Nearly full immunity for big tech, and never does the government go after them for anti-trust no matter how many technologies they steal. And they, of course, would rather hire H-1B visas than American citizens.


I live in California and we have had a long history of budget drama. The years 2008-2012 were so bad they have their own Wikipedia entry

Ignoring what happens outside of America is nothing new because of the long history of wanting to be isolationalists. Whenever it gets really bad America will jump into the fray and it has worked far...

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reportedly 800 people have it around the global. 25 ppl died from it. So early numbers show a 3% mortality rate-worse than the spanish flu. That may seem unusually high. But at the onset most most people and medical professionals can think it is just an ordinary flu. So the people wouldn't be reporting unless they were serious cases (under-reporting), and initially the doctors may not be providing the requisite level of care. I expect the overall death rate from the disease to decrease now that everyone knows what is going on. But if it goes full pandemic, even with a smaller death rate, the death toll could be catastrophic.

A scientist at Johns Hopkins last year modeled what would happen if a deadly coronavirus reached a pandemic scale. His simulated scenario predicted that 65 million people could die within 18 months....
Toner's simulation imagined a fictional virus called CAPS. The analysis, part of a collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, looked at what would happen if a pandemic originated in Brazil's pig farms. (The Wuhan virus originated in a seafood market that sold live animals.)

The virus in Toner's simulation would be resistant to any modern vaccine. It would be deadlier than SARS, but about as easy to catch as the flu.

3 confirmed/potential (media has mixed messages) deaths in Michigan from corona virus. Just remember the mainstream media and the congress is obsessed with "Orange man bad".

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Whatever is going on with Corona virus remains a unclear. In Hubie the death rate is about 3.5%, elsewhere it is about .225-.25%. Outside of Hubei, it doesn't really sound as deadly as everyone is making it to sound. Maybe 2x the normal flu season in terms of death rate. Perhaps things in wuhan are so bad actual cases cannot be counted. So as to Wuhan the total cases might really be 14-20x higher than what they are reported.
Give it another week or so to see if surrounding areas become a nightmare zone or not. The quarantine is seemingly slowing down the disease. Once the spread was 60% new cases a day, fell to 30% the other day, and down to 25% yesterday. Still an alarming rate where the infections doubles in just a few days. Hopefully the rate will continue to drop, really need the to get these down to 0.