Reign of Evil, Chapter 3 + The story so far

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Reader's prologue

Protagonists are living in a spin off world of Diablo 2, where they are not the heroes who defeat Diablo, but simply people who end up trying to survive the oncoming apocalyptical onslaught. This post presents chapters 1 and 2 slightly rewritten.

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I, @felipejoys, am the author of this copyrighted text. I am in no way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. All rights from the Diablo franchise are reserved to Blizzard Entertainment. Ashram's portrait comes from @radaquest.

Reign of Evil

Chapter 1 - The devil's luck

Standing right in front of Ashram was his last chance of redemption. A skilled scoundrel playing along with the Candyman, who had been looking for someone foolish enough to fall for his words.

"Take a diamond or two and wear them out. Not too much. Draw on them the mark I've written on this scroll. They still have to look shiny enough if you're going to convince anybody into buying it. All of Lut Gholein has their eyes out for rats like you. Go now, before someone sees us together."

There was no other bargain to be made. Ashram took two of those invaluable gems into his pocket. If he could survive the challenge ahead, he would be able to pay all of his debts and then some.

A month had passed since he arrived at this city, but he still had noone to call a friend. Although it seemed like anyone would all turn on each other for any reason. But at least Aida and Jen would listen to him if he had silver for the beer.

Chapter 2 - Easy come, easy go

The desert regionwas very far from his hometown, so Ashram's pale skin would nearly glow under the sunlight. He blushed back when Jen had told him it was odd how he did not darken after living in Lut Gholein for so long. That much honesty from a bartender scared away some of her morning customers.

The sun was at it's peak when he got to blacksmith Fara, so she quickly noticed him. Probably because he seemed to shine as bright as her own armor. But her smile quickly faded when the diamonds were brought out. Not a good sign from a potential buyer.

Part time weapon and armor forger, part time paladin of Zakarum, it was no secret that Fara had grown fond of Ashram over time. Had she known he was set up, things could have turned out differently. After alerting the nearby royal guards, Ashram was quickly taken prisoner and thrown into a sewer cell.

Chapter 3 - Why the hell not?

The place smelled rotten. Much more than usual. It was not his first visit to the city's underground, only to this hidden prison. Many more were locked with him, silent. The keeper said Fara would soon come speak to the prisoners about their rotten summonings.

As hours went by, the stoic-looking guard seemed to grow frustrated. He would keep walking from that sewer floor to the one above. Suddenly he walked to the, looking infuriated.

"You should be dead already, necromancers! If it was not for Fara... But I suppose can just end you all now", he shouted while unsheathing his sword and unlocking the cell's door. Everyone was standing still in antecipation. As soon as it was open, the guard was struck defenseless against the mob.

After he was beaten dead and almost everyone had left, Ashram stared in disgust as a woman started carving the corpse until she could remove his heart and put it away in a coin purse.

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