When I Look Into The Mirror!☹️❤️ (A Poem I Wrote For My Girlfriend!)

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When I Look Into The Mirror!☹️❤️

When I now look into the mirror I see that I am fat,
I wonder how did I end up this way and what happened for it to come down to that,
Indeed I fear being a man of bad quality and eventually getting replaced,
Since my dear lady for me that would be the biggest disgrace,
Indeed darling my dream home is between your arms as you are hugging me that is my dear place,
I am thinking on hitting the gym every day as much as I can since by how I look I am negatively amazed,

Yo se que tu me amas por lo que soy,
Pero siendo así de gordo que tipo de ejemplo de novio te doy,
Bajaré de peso para estar mas sano te lo prometo mi amor,
La ansiedad y el estrés es algo que la verdad me hacen sentirme fuera de control,
Mi niña lo único ancho de mi cuerpo debería ser mi corazón,
Ya que fumé mucho cuando mas pequeño de alquitrán debo tener lleno mi pulmón,

I love you my Natalie I just want all my college years to quickly pass,
I hate the idea of ever possibly failing something and having to repeat a class,
Indeed my dear lady I wonder how much will finishing my degree last,
Since I only care about marrying you at the end of this path...☹️❤️

I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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