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It is good to see progress on the Steem platform. New impulses were needed. The PAL community is one of the most active in the Steem ecosphere and I am happy to be a part of their new release.
The PALcoin distribution model solves one cruelsome problem Steem has and makes it much more likely to be perceived as fair by the crowd. The idea to burn coins sent for promotion is great because nobody profits directly from promotion anymore. This way 100% value is given back to ALL tokenholders equally by simply reducing the supply.

For my first Palnet post I made a PAL logo in 3d and a PALtoken in 3d as a welcome present to the PALnet family.

here are a few pictures from the creation process




final output:


@elgeko 100% original content


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Stopping by your post @elgeko, after receiving a tip on it from @juliakponsford. Along with many of our fellow Steemians, I sure appreciate your creative efforts to put this together! 👍


thank you for the motivating feedback!


My pleasure @elgeko. Thank you for the nice effort to add value to our Steem blockchain. You likely know far more about it than me, but the latest developments with PALNet, PALCoins, and Steem-Engine are sure welcome positive news! 👍

@elgeko, Now i got to know that The Master created this logo. This is really awesome and cool piece and definitely adding value to Community Appearance. Engaging after long time, hope that you are doing great. Stay blessed.

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@chireerocks - Hey man, good to see you are still active as usual curating the hell out of the chain. :DD keep it up man!


As an Full Time Steemian took no break at all. Enjoying my Steem journey.

Thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Welcome to Palnet, awesome logo!

Good work man! let's PALify the steem ecosistem!

Is that logo then free for us to copy and use in our #palnet posts @elgeko?


Yes it is free to use without any restrictions . . . .




That's great, but... it's kinda small.
I was thinking of replacing this with it.
This old Steemit logo fills the bottom of my footer

As opposed to this

Not meaning to be too picky with something you're giving out for free, but can you make it larger? (I don't know how to work on gifs yet)
Whatever you decide, thank you @elgeko





The logo look great. Actually I believe the has really a great future ahead no doubt about that. And this is just the beginning of projects coming up on steemit

Greak work ! I think I used one of them in my post about PALNet ;-)

All I see is PAL, PAL, PAL and that's awesome!!

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