0.75 minute freewrite ... and some news

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i don't see through you , i see through normal people, why

do you consider yourself to be a special case ? is it because the iThing telling you you are unique, using the very iD for and ID, or that expensive watch, worn all across the planet by all those people with unique iD's ?

or ...
i thought you liked being normal ? you always keep telling me, but then you dont and then you told me over 40 years that i am not and then you tell me to
normal ?

its not an act ...

i see my work is still wrecked by that Indian wanker ... i feel weak for even opening up and logging in to the cesspool of Cryptionia

0.75 minute freewrite and



aHA(lol) ....

A complete human connectome will be a monumental technical achievement. A complete wiring diagram for a mouse brain alone would take up two exabytes. That’s 2 billion gigabytes; by comparison, estimates of the data footprint of all books ever written come out to less than 100 terabytes, or 0.005 percent of a mouse brain. But Lichtman is not daunted. He is determined to map whole brains, exorbitant exabyte-scale storage be damned.

yet we seem to have plenty of know-it-all's who are ready at any given time to tell you how the whole world works , how to deal with this and that, and the seven magic words to make all humans on the planet bend to your will ... sarcasm ?
me ?
no ... you know this is a waste of time, right ? a picture of my breakfast is faster and has about the same chance of getting me ten cents ...

yes i would

but i got nothing to prove ... i dont feel the need to show off ... i never have except maybe for a little while when i was 14 running to 15 and a bag of uncontrollable hormones ... turns out even getting laid goes better without akkin' a fool there ... maybe that depends on type ...

typeof! !== 'undefined'? 1:0 or was that other way around , anywyay ... i should punish myself for writing until that one-guy-can-troll-it so you need to buy more money so your opinion outweighs his
problem is fixed ...

and also ... first you kill all bidbots

no, first you kill STEEM ... then you kill all bidbots, then you force everyone to push tokens through ONE platform (... de-centralized as they say, a DEX ..) then if they get you something its frowned upon again and some have silly rules like "if you buy this t.v. and you don't put it where we tell you to, then you are banned from watching it" and more silly stuff like that and megacity gets featured, makes one post on a feed and never heard of again

this place is a lot less inviting than you think it is but since you came in as 100.000 dollar millionnaires it doesnt really feel like that to you, does it ?

im wasting my time here again ... dinner's almost ready , 2020 the pivot point, whatever i set out to have or do, if i even get all that tomorrow i'll be too old to enjoy it by the time i can, so my whole llife got in fact now really , literally fucked by those who told me how to live it

no one gets to expect anything anymore ...

but im as friendly as the way i am approached ... which is safer than you

because YOU ARE ALWAYS FRIENDLY ... i think that's hard to trust, like when G.W. Bush made speeches, the same time interval between bobbing head from left to right then same then back, always the same smile, like a fucking android ...

but i noticed ... they all do it ... it must be in the prez-ed ... (oh dear, this is gonna cost me a DDOS again isnt it ?)

steemits from the land of bush, did you not know that ? about all and every startup sits on the caymans or seychelles but they sit there, hapilly colluding and numbering, in the middle of fucking Texas ..

that's not weird ?

no, its me who's weird, ofcourse ...

nevermind, dinners ready, and this is way more hassle than its worth




that's explains why a lot of them treat the whole world like it was Homer Simpson then i guess


do evil onto thine-self so it doesnt show the evil thou doest do-est unto others


oh no, an industry standard where one-size fits all ? can't have that ! ... would be like all those billions spent over just one coin ... CANT HAVE THAT ...


just some more debris ... the only exit left and its slowly congesting BUT .... ! but ...


what could go wrong (and if anything goes wrong, then what could be blamed ...)


... hm ...? but is it organic ? and does it use blockchain ?


i heard about it : its like a type of i dont know, nouveau nobility, acting all enlightened despot and expecting people to be happy if they throw some crumbs around and tell you what to do and how to do it


my guess is they want to do it themselves ...

SO THE WORLD's STILL ALL FUN AND GAMES, and it just takes one indian wanker on steem to wreck your work

2020 seems to bring no change


well that was clearly worth the 45 seconds :p

you gonna think im just hacking on americans , but


they just keep popping up

are humans born with the urge to love thy neighbour for ripping thou offest ?


turns out not

mh, nah ... im reading up before it says "250" unread again

what weighs more ? 1 kilo or 1 kilo ?


you get more for your buck but you'll need a bigger attic to stack it ... another standard gone


in essence : less humans around you makes you less likely to get infected by aliens , my original plan was right

i first of all try to breathe

The work ethic, [Susskind] says, is a modern religion that purports to be the only source of meaning and purpose. "What do you do for a living?" is for many people the first question they ask when meeting a stranger, and there is no entity more beloved of politicians than the "hard-working family". Yet faced with precarious, unfulfilling jobs and stagnant wages, many are losing faith in the gospel of work. In a 2015 YouGov survey, 37% of UK workers said their jobs made no meaningful contribution. Susskind wonders in the final pages "whether the academics and commentators who write fearfully about a world with less work are just mistakenly projecting the personal enjoyment they take from their jobs on to the experience of everyone else".


maar weirken ? dat is weirken voor een baas !
(en vooral nijger voor veel minder :)

o wait ... where am i ?

steemit ? what day is it ? saturday hm

o dear, a whole month has passed and the year gave me nothing but three infections with the flu ?

think i can skip it ? yea but then i'll be another year older and less inclined to even acknowledge the existence of humanity as anything else but a curse on my life