Free INVITE token giveaway | One lucky Steemian will receive it after 24 hours!

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Hi Steemians. I’m going to give away an INVITE token after 24 hours. The token can be used to claim a new Steem account, with Steem Ninja, and includes a delegation of 15SP for 90 days. You might like to use it for a curation account or simply give it to a friend so they can join Steemit!

The rules are:

  • Dolphins, Orcas and Whales are ineligible to enter
  • Leave a short comment as to what you will use the new account for


  • Resteem this post
  • Upvote this post
  • Tag a friend

I will be creating a new post to announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck!

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For my friend

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Invite token will be in your Steem Engine wallet shortly. Thanks for participating!

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