Profit Or Planet ft.Couch King Presents & ENILSounds

in #palnetlast year

The worrying situation for all life on this planet is a lack of vision at this most important turning point in human evolutionary history from the leadership at the top throughout the world as we plod on with our human made self perpetuating blinkered destruction, putting profit before planet and seemingly unable to break the cycle, over my half a century lifetime i have seen nothing but the same re-vamped political nonsense and corruption at all levels of society with 0 change as we continue to follow and embrace and set further into stone the same vision less materialistic and religious idealistic values which are layered with a thick coating of personal stigmas and bad vibes we put upon each other, which over time have now been engraved and built into our psychological makeup, leaving the true vision and prize lost which is now endangering all life upon the planet and if a fundamental change and shift doesn't happen we will destroy the everything on this unique floating paradise garden for all life in the eternal darkness of space in this fun filled thought provoking electronic alternative rock styled triple track remix and good vibe collaboration featuring the very kewl words and vocals of the very talented Couch King Presents and ENILSounds. Celebrate life! Peace