Canned Drink - Peanut Soup

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Canned Drink - Peanut Soup

I bought some boxes of peanut kernel soup .
Every 1~2 days, if I want to drink Peanut Soup, I will open the refrigerator and come out to drink.
It is a very good soup.

The scientific name of peanuts is "Arachis hypogaea".
It is a bean plant of pods. People often eat his fruit.
Peanut kernel soup is a soup , it made from water cook and plus sucrose.
Peanut itself is relatively hard, but after water cook, it will become soft and delicious, and it is a famous food.

Peanuts are rich in fat (49%) and protein (22-38%).
The protein contains a variety of amino acids, which are the nutrients needed by the human body.
Peanut red skin contains fiber, protein, fat and polyphenols, etc., can supplement blood and improve anemia symptoms.

But eating peanuts can't be eaten too much at one time, because Chinese medicine says that eating too much peanuts will not. I ask my family to drink only one can a day.

罐装饮料 - 花生仁汤


花生的学名为Arachis hypogaea),是荚果的豆类植物,人们常食用的是他的果实。




Never heard that soup before

I have never drunk peanut soup. I will try it.

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Have heard of peanuts as a topping in some recipes, but not as an actual soup. Very interesting as a product. Not sure how good it would be on it's own. Assuming there are spices in the mix?

Among many recipes, peanuts are often used in ingredients.
But among the Chinese cuisine, there are also peanuts as the main dish of the dishes.
this sugar-only cooking method, which we call soup, may not be the same as the general soup.
He is similar to juice...

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