Lady Amherst Pheasant

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This is my interpretation of the Lady Amherst Pheasant without checking the index first to see the species breed or checking Google images. This is from Tim Jeff's "Intricate Ink Animals in Detail" Volume 3. He is a master at photorealism in his sketches. Here's what a natural Lady Amherst Pheasant looks like:
(courtesy of pixabay)
I used almost exclusively colored pencils. So my interpretation was way off but creative energy was there. And it was fun!! What do you think? Which do you like better? Or equal? Thanks for viewing. :-)

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Oh wow! Both birds just look fantastic. I love how art and nature seem to outdo each other when it comes to the colorful plumage of birds. Great job! Do you know where this bird can be seen in its natural habitat?
BTW, I'm composing a post on New Zealand birds in my mom's garden (a task way more intricate than I'd expected). You might like it.

Wow, the colors are stunning! Very good eye appeal.

Thank you very much! Turned out better than i thought it would =)

The colors really pop Love it

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