#ulog #31 - Sepia Saturday - Double Trouble!

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We were driving along Interstate 64, heading to Evansville IN, with hotel reservations for the night, and an appointment there for the following morning. We came down around a curve and topped a little rise to find a pretty good sized buck deer standing in the middle of our lane. At 70 mph there was no time to stop or avoid the collision.

Sitting beside the interstate waiting for state police and the tow truck (fortunately neither of us was injured - can't say the same for the deer) we pondered on how to get this mess taken care of and how to get on to Evansville because the appointment was important. No rental cars were available at that time of night. MOM to the rescue - we had made it about 70 miles from home and she came to pick us up and drove us on to Evansville.

Both airbags went off and I'm glad they did, though getting hit in the face with airbag and thinking the car was on fire because of all the chemical smell, was not much fun either.

car wreck 2.jpg

So after dealing with the insurance company, paying $1000 deductible, and endless car shopping (definitely not my favorite thing!) we had our brand new replacement car. So what is the "double trouble" you might ask?

Less than a month later with barely 2,000 miles on the odometer, we were in southern Missouri for a canoe trip with some relatives. When we left the river the next day, a tornado hit the area. We are already between towns on a two-lane blacktop highway when branches and debris started blowing across the road. A few miles later, trees were falling. And a few minutes later, a huge tree was blown down across the road, totally blocking it. We came to a dead stop and sat there pondering our situation. All of a sudden - KABAMB! - we were struck in the rear by another car from behind, who was traveling way too fast for the conditions.

car wreck 3.jpg

Our brand new car was a total loss. We both suffered some whiplash injury but it could have been so much worse. the other driver totaled his car as well but was uninjured thankfully.

That's my story of Double Trouble. Another round of hassling with the insurance (bad luck for us that both we and the at-fault driver had the same insurance company) and another round of new car shopping. No accidents in 30 years then all of a sudden 2 totaled cars in less than a month. We kind of stuck close to home for a while after that!


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Ohh No sorry to see and hear about the accident I am glad though that you both were not hurt and your Mom came to the rescue so you could get to your destination

Yes, Mom to the rescue, she got a kick out of coming to save us, lol.

LOL I bet she did :)

So glad you were not hurt. Be safe!

Thanks! I'm still dealing with a herniated disc in my neck, I'm hoping to avoid surgery to repair it.

It's easy to forget how fragile we humans are... yet resilient at the same time. Hoping you can avoided surgery.

That is such bad luck! I'm sorry to hear that. Thank goodness you are all okay. I hope there will be no more accidents.

Yes, that's was enough to last a lifetime!

Hope it will be another 30 years with no problems!

Wow. That is horrendous luck! Glad you and the family came out relatively unscathed.

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Whoa, seriously? That's an incredible story. I'm so glad you're both okay! Now please stop tempting fate!! :-)