From Last Night To This Morning

in palnet •  29 days ago 

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Seems like not to much new has gone on other then a quick dump across crypto land from last nights post into this morning.

That being said we are only 3-4 days away from the launch of Bakkt and I think the markets are pretty much going to stay rather flat till that happens.

I believe a majority of people are wondering what will happen once Bakkt finally opens the gates.

What are your predictions ?

For myself I believe the markets will move little. We have seen so called big changes before such as this and the markets just sit on it and try to make sense of it for the first few days.

Instead of a major quick bump seeing a slow but upward trend I feel would be much more beneficial. However my full money is still on Ethereum in 2020 and not so much Bitcoin and Litecoin anymore. Lets see if this pays off a few more months down the road.


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Why your bet is on ethereum

POS early 2020 as well as continued development, introduction of ERC 777 tokens and more Dapps waiting to launch once the scaling system has been completed.

With bitcoin below $10k, I think the market goes lower, before it moves higher.

well i am still thinking what whales will be thinking in this time they want us to get rekt

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I think the launch is priced into the market at this point. However, if adoption and volumes exceed expectations, it could lead to even more demand with less supply.

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