Play the long game!

in palnet •  22 days ago 


Enough with silly games you say?

I don't think so. FINISH HIM!



He just gave up.

I don't shill shit!

I tell you exactly when I sell Steem, when I think gold is going up, and when crypto-shit is going cryptic-shit!

Big names, big money is what we talking.


I knew this before-hand but sometimes you gives subtle hints to your audience. Sometimes you scream it and nobody listens.

If you REALLY follow this blog you will still know there is a brain behind bear bear. I'm just a pussy to put 100K because Izzz gotz too many other bills and I'm risk adverse.I'm into making nothing from something other than your wasted time and electricity.

So yah, being some-what savvy and success of trends I'm going to pat myself on the back before this bitch truly breaks out. I sold STEEM when I said, and I have been quietly accumulating while moving into other crypto projects. Thanks to many bridges being built by some very good steemians; some of which really don't get recognized.

Not bullish on certain things and chains.. ahem.


So what's the point of this digitized future asset management.. chains, different, money undefined / defined. ETH is not and never has been a fan my favorite of mine. It has however been put of the test of some time. Scaling.. hrmmmmmm

That scrawny billionaire looks like each breadth might G-d forbid kill him; but he still created it. So in any case I just like the idea of crypto assets rather than certain chains. This is a bullish sign for Steem but honestly it needs dAPPS. SMT's and blogs ain't gonna do it alone. Scot tokens should be a literal virtual world coupled with blockchain Whatever, take it with a grain of Himalayan salt (a private joke on the #Neoxian Discord).

Anyways, sometimes bear bear bullish!

Bridges more bridges to crypto.. EOS, STEEM, DEX

A like a lot. More bridges the better. Tokenized assets are a real thing!

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