GU Play-to-Earn? If you downloaded the beta you get this EXCLUSIVE CARD

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Sounds awefully like DEC or something along those lines:

'Earn Flux" "play to earn is a disruptive model where players can earn items with real-world value just by playing the game".

"Each time you level up, you will receive a pack of Plain core cards. Using a special resource called flux (more on this in an upcoming release) you can fuse 2 copies of the same Plain card to create a fully tradable Meteorite card".

Ibis rewards:

  • 1x Meteorite copies at level 25
  • 2x Meteorite copies at level 50
  • 3x Meteorite copies at level 100
  • 2x Meteorite copies and 1x Shadow copy at level 150
  • 3x Shadow copies at level 200
  • 2x Shadow copies and 1 Gold copy at level 300
  • 3x Gold Copies at level 400
  • 2x Diamond copies at level 500
    Players need to have their wallet linked in order to receive the Ibis. There is currently no timeline on its distribution
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