Do you want discord notifications about your tokens market movements?

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Are you a tribe owner or token investor that would find discord notifications like this ^^ useful ?

I made a discord bot that I've been using to track market movements for steem-engine tokens.
It helps me track who's investing in their tribe, and who's just dumping all their rewards.

Want this for your tribe ?

I'm now offering this bot for a one-time setup fee of 100 Steem .
Join this discord for more information - and to see it running for the PAL, Sonic and Creativecoin tribes. Custom solutions are available to notify of any on-chain event, and the notifications are sent via webhook to wherever you want.

And here is the source code for a basic version if you'd rather host and support it yourself for free :)

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sweet little tool :D

I like the webhook approach to sending messages to discord. The library has been a pain in my butt, I might just give that method a try for my own stuffs :D

Thanks for open sourcing the wizardry ;)

Webcord works great, haven't had any issues with it yet
I wanted to open source, but fingers are crossed that people are lazy and want me to host it for them :P

!giphy money

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Pretty cool bot and let us be honest, you are low key stalking people. lol, I love the sticker at the end of your post too! It's how I picture you normally. Flying through Aussie land on a pink cloud seems totally normal.

Awesome, we are looking for this feature for EPC and if I may ask if you can also offer a package for tip-bot within Discord using SE token(EPC) as well? Please head to our Discord for further discussion.

AWESOME!!! Thanks so much @ausbitbank - we have it running in Natural Medicine server now and it works PERFECTLY - and thanks for being so lovely and getting onto it so quick!! Much appreciated!!!!!

This is an awesome project @ausbitbank! The #sportstalk group are very happy with this being included in our server. I've had multiple comments about it since adding and the value its bringing to the table. I'd recommend every tribe enable it for their community.

Hi, @ausbitbank!

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This is awesome. Thank you for making this.

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