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in pakistan •  8 months ago

Unfortunately, acid attacks on women are still common in many parts of the world.

Zakia survived an acid attack with a disfigured face.

In an attempt to repair her face, Dr Mohammad Jawwad, London based Pakistani British plastic surgeon, performed surgeries on Zakia in Pakistan.

The facial prosthesis for Zakia was created by Daril Atkins, an Indian Dubai based, Certified Clinical Anaplastologist.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar-winning documentary "Saving Face" of Zakia, a Pakistani acid victim survivor.

I would like everybody to know and acknowledge that without your skill and dedication, this project was incomplete and faceless and you have saved the face for me… and hence the ‘saving face'.

Dr Mohammad Jawwad to Dr Atkins

Daril Atkins & Dr Mohammad Jawwad work on saving Zakia’s face.

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and I thought acid attack stopped long ago.. I guess just because media don't report these crimes doesn't mean the crime has stopped.. oh well media can't do much when they are being threatened by government for censorship or else their license would be revoked


Unfortunately, we still have acid attacks, @skreza


it's very sad.. specially when there is CCTV everywhere.. and yet the law enforcement still just slack off from their duties


Its an accepted norm of behaviour epecially in rural South Asia, sadly. @skreza


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Wow! What a story! So much love her way!


Acid attackers should have acid thrown in their face as punishment. What a barbaric crime.


These are not rare occurrences, @viraldome