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As if you are pakistani or indian then you already know abount the relationship of india and pakistan.There is always coldwar between these two countries.

But with the new government formation of imran khan we expect good relationship between pakistan and india .As imran is more talented upcoming prime minister of pakistan so they will end cold war between these two countries.

As both are developing countries so they dont need any dificult situation. Both have to understand the real facts that their countries have more poverty then other countries.If they want to acheive their economic goal then they have to forive each others and start a new begining with trading


Well it is true that the newly formed governments are more wiser than they have been in the past but the truth is that imran khan is still very critical of kashmir as he has mentioned in his recent meets and announcements and really wants it to be a part of pakistan.
That is one major factor of worry epse the condition is very calm between inida and pakistan at the present.

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Hope the cold war will be ended between two countries thanks for sharing dear.

yeah hope so

Appreciate it

Bravo. Really good

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