What we human beings need...

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[Painting Series]

What we human beings need...

The necessaries of traffic jam, 2017
_woodcut and drawing on paper


by lee hajin






How would we react if we faced a particular natural environment, living in a modern society where convenience and comfort are a priority?

A jungle full of worms is a mosquito net? Water purifier for the heat wave of the desert? And do dark caves need lights?

Then, what about the everyday life that is common in modern society, not in nature?

What about the gym that you registered to be slim? What about the smelly locker room? What about a buffet full of delicious food?

Circumstances in Mother Nature, and things necessary to make us feel safe in our modern and everyday situations by getting out of Mother Nature.

Strictly speaking, What we human beings need.

I have expressed it as a drawing series.

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