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Today is another watercolour art, hehehe I hope you are not bored watching me trying to improve my watercolour skills. When I learn something new, I am usually really into it and I become pretty committed, that’s why I avoid playing games these days because some of them are really addictive and I could play hundreds of hours before I become bored ^^;.

Anyway, a few days ago, @Shibasaki made a wonderful tutorial, How to Paint a Strawberry. The berries that he drew were so inviting and delicious looking that they compelled me to draw my own. So here’s my attempt.

 Strawberries Study
big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved

Drawing process, step by step

I haven’t gone to the grocery yet, so I went to pixabay to find some nice berries to draw. Photo reference is provided by Alexas_Fotos. As for the step by step, I follow the tutorial closely and if you want to draw berries, I suggest you should check @Shibasaki’s tutorial :D.

Strawberries Study

Strawberries Study

Strawberries Study

Strawberries Study

Strawberries Study

Finished Art – Strawberries Study

 Strawberries Study
big version

Copyright @scrawly - All Rights Reserved


My Steemit Journey

I joined this website to share my art journey and to improve my skills. I’m also here to meet nice and chatty people, especially if they're passionate about art. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me at various Steemit discord servers, I frequent most of them.

I am a curator for curie, c-squared, and a moderator in Steem Artists. If you are an artist, join us at Steem Artists discord channel here: :).

See you around ♪


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Greetings @scrawly,

Lovely communicates fresh strawberries....well done!

@bentleycapital carries bleujay's artwork.

Thank you for the links.

All the best.



Hello bleujay, I'm glad for your visit!

I will visit your link as well, have a lovely day ^_^.

Those looks pretty damn tasty, very nice rendering and detail, well done! I don't play games often either, I used to get addicted and waste many days, learnt that the hard way.


Yep. Games are really bad for artist's productivity, but they're also really fun activity. I call them the great temptation.

Thanks Jeremy :).

I like so much strawberry and your study about them is really good! Well done ^_^


Thank you, sweet Silvia =).

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Hmm what to say...

I forgot...

oh yes, thank you Felix :D.


~^^~ Prosze mój towarzysz!!!! ~^^~

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Yummy yummy.. they look real! GREAT job! Your beginning to master this technique.


I think it's because Shibasaki-san's tutorial is really good, I can follow along nicely. But let's hope the lesson sticks :D.

Thanks again Brad. Please hug Molly for me <3.

Woooooow!! scrawly-chan~
Your strawberries looks so delicious!
Oishi sou~~~~ :D


Aaa souka? Yokatta ^_^.

Domo arigatou <3.

Keep doing those studies @scrawly! It's great that you are working on improving your watercolor technique and for sure this will improve your whole artwork in general! :)


Thank you for the encouragement, Michael :D.

I will do more studies whohoo!

Great job @scrawly and you cannot go wrong with the wonderful teacher @Shibasaki Really a great job! Keep it up!


I will try my best.

Thank you Donna :D.

Nice job! Looks tasty 🍓😋

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I'm so glad you said that haha, thank you Spencer :D.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love~ they look so yummy and luscious, and juicy~ i actually had strawberries today and they were really delicious :D I really like how you did the shiny bits cuz those are the parts that make the berries look really ripe and red and ready for eating * ___ *

But my favourite parts are the way you did the stalks/leaves on the top of the berries! They are really nicely detailed * ___ * Very nice and subtle and delicate and pretty realistic * ___ * They way you did the shadows and how they folds/bends are really, really nice <3

aaaaaah i should do my berries soon too, this is super motivational, scrawls XD love it~


You had berries today? Then I hope you remember them clearly or took some good shots of them because I'm looking forward to your berries :D! I bet they're going to be super duper very berries XD.

Thank you spider for the great comment.

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Thank you.


We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

Looks great @scrawly! Not bored at all, keep it up :-))


So happy to hear that, thank you, sweet Ruth :).



Woww... that is one exciting ice cream. So much goodness contained in that shape.

And where are your new sketches and why you haven't been posting?! You promised me on your last post that you will keep doodling >:D.


New #sketchbookspotlight coming soon.

hehehe. . that is a coincidence! Yours looks absolutely edible....


Then both our berries are berry good hehehe.

Strawberries are cool... but too many strawberries are cloying. That's a problem chocolate doesn't have. One can't ever have too much chocolate! 😅


Actually, I can eat more strawberries than chocolate, but not too much lol. Chocolate is more deluxe in my mind, so I usually eat them one at a time. They're also more expensive, maybe that's why hehe.


What a coincidence, I also eat one at a time! 😀




You won't survive that. Rest in Chocolate.

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Those scrawlberries look really appetizing ( ̄﹃ ̄).
I now opine that drawing, painting and doing the 3d stuffis is kind of like a videogame... A little(ton) more difficult than one. Also rewards are waaaaaay less immediate. One have to grind (or farm) it's way to do better stuff through years.
The cast shadow have a most sexy color. Uhm!


Yesss!!! You are totally right about drawing is similar to leveling up and grinding in games. In my head, drawing is divided into many skills, just like in games, and it depends to us which skills that we are prioritising to level up first. Both of us probably play too much games lol.

Thank you znkd, you make cute comments, you know :D.


They are cute?! ( ಠ__ಠ) I thought they were badass... I pictured myself like:

(メ` ロ ´)︻デ═一 [comment]

Glad you enjoy'em. It's because of your artworks that they exist.


Oh!! My mistakes. Your comments are definitely badass! Everytime they come, there will be like a soundtrack that plays along suddenly and a spotlight that focuses solely on the text that you wrote and nowhere else.




❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Nice art!


Thanks :).

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These were really cool and unique in style!