❁ Lady Sunflower ❁

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There is a movie called The Order, where one of the characters described sunflower as God’s beautiful mistake. I don’t actually remember the movie at all, so don’t ask me to describe its plots or who played in it, but somehow that line stuck with me.

I heard some people dislike sunflower because it’s too garish and stark? I dunno, but I find them beautiful, then again it’s not like there’s any flower that I would call ugly. If you know an especially ugly looking flower, please let me know, I would like to see.

big version

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Drawing process, step by step


First I drew the character with reddish brown watercolour.



Then I added an outline to give a stronger definition with darker colour.



For the background, I added the sunflowers. This was a time consuming process because I’m still unfamiliar with Painter and its brushes.



Finally I coloured the girl, this part was somehow painless and fun compared to the flowers. Finished :).


Close up Details



Animation step by step


My flower watercolour series

I love how watercolour art looks like but I don’t have any real media materials with me. I will buy the stock one day, but for now, I am happy to experiment creating them digitally with watercolour brushes in Corel Painter. Since I am learning the tools, I will be making a series of watercolour art, I hope you will enjoy watching my experiments ^_^.

- Lady Bluebell -
- Lady Sunflower -
- Lady Peony -
- Lady Orchid -
- Lady Belladonna -
- Lady Lotus -
- Lady Rafflesia -

My Steemit Journey

I am an artist who draw digitally with Wacom Intuos. I joined Steemit to share my art journey and to make some cool friends. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit channels on Discord. I frequent most of them, Steem Artists especially.

See you around ♪

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wowow she looks so classical * __ * that hair style is amazing, like jane austen period~ soft and voluminous <3 <3 <3 aaah i love how you did her hair so much :D

also sunflowers are pretty neat, cuz they are happy :D and they make me happy and now i wanna draw sunflowers :O

love this, @scrawly ! i see that you're actually doing a series with flowers???? I look forward to more wonderful ladies + floras~

upvotes and resteems


The hair turns out nicely in this one *dances
So I'm glad you like it, spideyyy!

And yes, draw sunflowers. I bet your girl/boy??! will look amazing :D.
PS. I try to draw Mister Sunflower but failed T___T.

Thank you :D.

I.m super impressed by this, keep up the good work!


Thank you very much! ^_^

Wow, @scrawly! Your art gets more and more amazing! Such beautiful and delicate girl! ^.^ And the sunflowers are one of my favorites.
Can't wait for the next flower. ^.^

As for your question - I don't know about ugly flowers, but I find some of them rather unique/funny. Like this for example:
It's called Antirrhinum, also known as "dragon flowers" or "snapdragons". XD When you press it open, it resembles the face of a dragon.


Hehehe what a cute flower. It looks more like a friendly spirit creature than a dragon, though I can see why they call it the snapdragons.

Yaassss, we're both are team sunflowers! ᕦ༼ ͡° ͜ ͝° ༽ᕤ
Thank you <3.

Beautiful as ever, scrawly. Sunflowers symbolize friendship, trust and loyalty, at least it's been said they do. Flowers powers ☺

Edit: Here's an "ugly" flower for you, Rafflesia arnodii, or the stinking corpse lily. Its relatives are just as beguiling...I would personally love to see your take on "ugliness".


Wow! What a flower! Very interesting... it doesn't even look real.
I will draw this giant flower ✿.
Thank you for the nice comment and the great suggestion, Seana ^____^.

🎉 Congratulations @scrawly! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


Thank you, but my art is done by @user ? D:


Oh lol xD, fixed

Absolutely beautiful painting, your girl looks so fragile and innocent, the sunflowers are great. My favorite object to paint sunflowers :)


Sunflowers are awesome, aren’t they? Truthfully I was surprised to hear that some people can dislike them. Thank you for your nice comment :).

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I like sunflowers, just planted some a few days ago :)
The girl looks so pretty and tender.


Ohhh! I hope they blossom nicely, I heard they are not too hard to grow ^^.

And thank you again ^_^.


Yes, that´s why I planted them..lol. I´m not so experienced in planting by now so I wanted to start easy.