Portrait of cat painted in oil

in painting •  6 months ago

Retrato de gato pintado en oleo

oil on canvas 20x25 cm - 8x10 inches

This is another cat portrait that I have painted some time ago, following my love for cats. Seen from profile I have worked more lights and contrasts.

  • Este es otro retrato de gato que he pintado hace algún tiempo siguiendo con mi amor por los felinos. Visto de perfil he trabajado mas las luces y los contrastes.

Thank you very much for watching my artwoks !!!!

Mi website: http://normazaro.com/

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@normazaro oh wow I am blown away by the level of detail and realism! Love the clear blue eyes ((:


thank you very much!!

It is a lovely cat portrait. I adore blue eyed cats.


thank you very much

great job, lots of nice brush strokes in the fur!


thank you very much!!

Hola de nuevo norma, impresionante como el otro tienes unas manos para la pintura que son asombrosas.


Muchas gracias amigo!!

GOSH what a beautiful painting of a cat <3 I love the glow caught on the edges of their fur and whiskers <3 And that blue, blue, blue eye ! Absolutely beautiful !


Thank you very much for your comment!!

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Thank you very much!!