Finally finished the painting!! (step-by-step images of my process included below) and a finale to the story!

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It is long overdue - this conclusion. I am sorry for the delay.

I experienced some operator errors but I am back on top again, now!

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Better late than never!


the last place I left this post off, I had messed up in a pretty bad way the first week of the ski season. To sum it all up, I charged down a couple thousand feet of vertical at the speed of stupid, with fresh stitches from a c-section and throwing caution to the wind! I felt free! I fell...


I managed to avoid any severe injury. I did hurt my knee, however. I had to get patrol to help me to my vehicle and I drove home to feed my baby (it had been a short trip to the hill while hubby looked after baby and I had to go home to feed him, then I would head to get checked out)


When I got to the clinic, the Dr sent me to get an xray at the hospital and told me to get an immobilizer brace - a huge mistake, I would later learn to hear.


The xray showed synovial fluid and potentially bone marrow leaking into my joints and so I was sent for an immediate ct scan the next day. I had a follow up appointment with a different Dr about 2 weeks after the fall and this Dr said that I should be moving my knee and told me to take off the immobilizer and to go get a hinged brace and to start physiotherapy right away! Alas, there was no broken bones, but they wanted to send me to an orthopedic surgeon next. I also went to a chiropractor (he helped me most of all!) and physio, where they gave me ultrasound and ACV because I had started to atrophy from the immobilizer - which is very bad


Fast forward 6 weeks and I get to see the Orthopedic surgeon. He decides I need an MRI. So, I continue my exercises and wait a few more weeks.


So, the big day came on April 23. I had to drive 7 hours with my baby and husband and then we returned home after a long day for baby, to wait once more and find out the conclusion of my poor decision. What kind of consequences would I face? Surgery?

Maby I got lucky??


I found out a few days ago that I tore my MCL and stretched my ACL. It looks like I can avoid the scalpel. I am so relieved :)


So, have I learned my lesson! I certainly hope so. Was it shitty missing another ski season? Yes.

DSCN0774 (2).JPG

I did have plenty of time to paint and get into a better routine with baby. I am actually painting more than before I had my boy and that is something to be proud of, if I do say so myself.


I did make one final mistake, here. I sent the completed painting off to a show and forgot to take the final photo of it! I am going to go get that and post a final update to show you what I came up with.

If you enjoyed this post, please upvote, comment, resteem and follow me for more. I am going to start doing time-lapse videos of my work and we will see where it goes from there :)

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