Blue doors in Tunis

in painting •  4 months ago

Blue doors in Tunis, 2017
90.9x72.7cm, Acrylic and oil on canvas


Image by Yeahgean

This world we live in is not always beautiful. It is louder than calm, it is cluttered rather than organized, and sometimes it collides rather than peaceful. Through this deceiving survival, we call the peaceful and beautiful world beyond the flow of despair as “nirvana”(pᾱra). The paintings contain the expression of the world that we cannot find in the present time and dimension with an environment, visually similar to the unknown forest. It also shows us the tranquillity of all of us, the emotions and desires of beauty through my artworks.

The paintings deliver a new concept of beauty in the world. The artworks express the reality and another ideal world through my works with the desire to protect the pure and beautiful world and to share the tranquillity and healing that nature can give to the audience.
In the paintings, there are beautiful girls surrounded by mysterious animals in a mystic forest or with mermaids in the water. The forests and waters they live in are mysterious and pure spaces that we cannot invade in reality. It is closed to a paradise and a spiritual space. With imagination, I depicted the imaginary world with water, wind, air, and heaven as cosmic and weightless space, and expressed the world full of flowers and fragrance.

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