Watch an Epic Seascape Painting in 1 minute.....Time Lapse

in painting •  last year

Hi There

This painting depicts the winter coast of Yallingup WA, Australia.
It was my largest Seascape to date at 1.8 m x 1.2 m and it was painted with oils on Belgium linen.

Watch the time-lapse below:

If you want more on how this Seascape was painted, you can check out the 15 min clip on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!

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Wow awesome and so beautiful

Another amazing work.

Beautiful painting! It was interesting seeing your process, I grew up in Nova Scotia so I really gravitate towards ocean art <3

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This is incredible mate. Did you paint it from a photograph/memory or imagination?


Thank you, it was painted using a few different reference photos of the area.

I got a bitter-sweet taste when I saw it. Amazing skills. Just left me speachless. Following you now.

Seriously!! this is amazing- is it your own work and own video? you need some zeros on ur upvote lol