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Coming soon to the Tron Network.

1UP Core Ideas Explained:

In order to succeed long-term, the core contract must:

  1. Keep TRX in the contract for long periods of time.
  2. Allow early users to stop earning from the later users.

Properly incentivizing these aspects can be done by force, or by choice. Freedom of choice is better. 1UP incentivizes users to keep TRX in the contract by allowing them to build their daily percentage earned by not withdrawing dividends. This is the choice of the users. If they want to withdraw daily, they can pull 1% per day. However, the structure of the contract is set up so that users will most likely either reinvest or keep stacking their dividends. This allows the contract balance to naturally keep growing over time.

It is extremely important for the contract to allow users to exit at any point they choose. In other contracts, the early users are constantly earning from the later users until the end. This is one of their main downfalls. 1UP incentivize users to choose to exit by giving back 50% of their credited amount in TRX. The other part stays in the contract for sustainability. This allows the contract balance to rise, fall and rise again.

1UP is the first of its kind. Built from scratch.

Website: Soon
Telegram: https://bit.ly/2IvvdJd
Twitter: https://bit.ly/2I5A9o5

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It is time for TRX to become an investment material in the long term, this is good information, thank you for sharing

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I think it's great now to save TRX for a long time

I think, it is better to save a lot of dividends than attractive every day

more dividend investment will be more fortunate in this contract

Good luck with TRX, this is really interesting