Days Away From Whale Wars 3, The Debate 3.3% or ROI, And Whats Going To Happen to P3T When WW3 Begins?

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We are days away from the premier of Whale Wars 3. P3T users are grinding there teeth with anticipation to be early investors in this new Risk style game, that will surely to be a winner. New members are flooding through the gates. In the last 36 hours P3T has announced that there is 50,949,760 million Tron in the combined contracts and growing. There has been a lot of talk in the P3T community on Telegram about what the best strategy is to hold investments when Whale Wars 3 begins. The biggest question is which one will pay more, the 3.33% or the P3T token? Some of the P3T users prefer using all of 3.33% ROI dividends to purchase P3T tokens. Others use 50% of their 3.33% to purchase P3T tokens and the other 50% to reinvest in back into the 3.33% ROI. Every P3T holder receives direct earnings in TRON every time that anyone else buys, sells or trades the token based on the amounts of tokens (in % out of total amount minted) held. This means that as soon as you hold P3T tokens, you are continuously accumulating "free" TRON distributed to you on every transaction based on the amount of P3T token. " We are only a few months old and all parabolic assets are extremely volatile at the beginning. For volatility, P3T holders are rewarded. For all current and future games, P3T holders are rewarded. I can't share all of our future plans, but I can assure you that P3T holders will be rewarded" and " The game feeds both the P3T holders and feeds the Daily ROI contract as well." Said P3T in a statement released this morning. So the debate will likely to continue for members waiting to see how the new WW3 game pays out. With a promising new game in the P3T Network and new investors still flooding in, there is even more good news! Dapp Review released this morning that "51 thousand users spent more than $52 million (2.2 billion TRX) on TRON Dapps in last 24 hours" This is incredible news for Tron Dapps like P3T and there users. The way it looks P3T is set up for an explosive growth in the Tron Dapp Market, the new release of Whale Wars 3 and a flood of new money. Do not miss this new opportunity for investment into Whale Wars 3 and P3T join today!!


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Looking forward to getting involved in WW3. :)

Someone gifted me 900 TRX today which I’ll use to start my gaming adventure on Tron DApps.

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