Oh thank you so much! I sure do appreciate the kind words and I’m glad we found it too. Pura will attest, I had zero intention of putting an article together that day, I didn’t even have my phone in my pocket—it was in the backpack and I didn’t take any pictures of anything. Then we stumbled across that memorial—I couldn’t help it.

I hope I did the fallen soldiers justice without seeming judgmental toward the obvious nature of World War II, I like to think ya’all understand I don’t believe it’s the people who are the issue, it’s the people with power who are the issue.

Thank you for reading this one, sir, I’m really glad you appreciated the way I put this one together. Happy Sunday from England, @janton. When we left the memorial, I actually used the wOrd “sobering” because I didn’t anticipate feeling the emotion I felt that day as we exited. It was really sobering. I asked Pura “if you could describe what we just saw in one wOrd, what would it be?” She said “somber.”

Perfect!! That’s exactly what it was man, a Somber Day.

Well said sir dandays, that had to be a very moving experience because I was moved just by the post, excellent job!