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Men and relationships is a subject we could talk about for hours. Men and women have very different points of view regarding relationships.

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Understanding the differences between one and the other allows us to know each other better and avoids misunderstandings.

Let's take an example:

A couple comes home after a long work day. The day was stressful and they’re both happy to get home, but… for different reasons:

The woman needs to speak about her day, the problems at work, the co-workers… in order to let the stress flow out. This helps her organize her thoughts and give vent to negative emotions brought from work.

On the other hand, the man needs to switch off doing something that doesn't require him to think (watching TV, working out, etc.)
This stops him from thinking and neutralizes the stress.

At this point, listening to her partner “complaining” (that's what he thinks of it) about her job is only going to add stress for him. He will probably react by being distant and not listening full-minded, he might even show his bad temper… DISASTER for the stressed woman.

This is how they come into conflict.

However, if a woman understands men and relationships the following will take place:

-The woman knows that her partner is distant because he needs to cool down. If she waits for a while he'll be willing to listen and comfort her.

On the other hand:

-The man understands that the woman doesn't expect him to find a solution to her problems as she talks about them. She only needs him to listen sincerely and show understanding and comfort.

These differences between men and women are also shown in other areas like housework, finances and kids education.

Communication is a good way to explain our behavior and understand the other's.

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