Rescue service running with idle engines 24/7

in oslo •  11 months ago

Just noticed ... those boats have their engine running 24/7 now in the winter time. Perhaps to ensure the the engines are always ready to kick ass if there should be an emergency, despite the cold? Perhaps to keep the boat warm and cozy? Whatever the purpose, I can't help to think that the problem could have been better solved by using land power electricity from our hydro dams.

Image taken at Lysaker, Oslo, Norway. Full quality at IPFS QmZ31HmL1nb7r3R4aPtMheCsX8WCnNgJ994JcqXCKuCbRi. CC BY-SA 4.0

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What 24/7?
it just due temperature?
Have a lovely day.


"24/7" means "24 hours a day, seven days a week", like "all the time". Seems like I'm telling lies, because I've only noticed this now in the winter time. In the shoulder seasons and summer time, they have the engines shut off when the boats aren't in use.

I was mooring up in the river, but was extra careful this time, worried that those boats would be going out the river before I had properly moored up - I was kind of expecting that since I noticed their engines running.


That's Crazy Man!

Wow.. Nice one..

Good point you are stating here... In case of emergency those boats must be ready. Good approach..