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I guess some would consider my almond butter as snake oil too…? Maybe if you are allergic to nuts…?

Sorry... I couldn’t resist my tongue in cheek comment... here is my response below to my Ormus Post…

I respect that I'm in your house, I made a mistake as there are no clear rules stated, and I’m not going to push any more bid bot product advertisements into trending.
I did more research and you can clearly see that my Ormus post got 80% upvotes and only 20% downvotes.

I firmly believe in Ormus and use it frequently. I know thousands of people that have experienced the healing properties of Ormus. For those who are so quick to judge it as snake oil, I wonder if you have ever tried it or maybe you were duped with an inferior version.

It’s sad to see something that has a good uplifting effect on people get trashed like this. There are literally thousands of stories on the internet and countless of people I have known personally who were healed by Ormus and experienced great benefit from it. I studied hours to get the content of this post, meanwhile, a post titled “One Day in the Life of a Bartender’, which has content that was not really well thought out, is also in trending. I did source a new white monoatomic gold just recently, it’s not like I had this before…

This is the problem that I’ve had with raw food haters over the last 20+ years…. I have been 100% raw for that entire time, and in that time I have been bashed, and my products have been bashed, meanwhile my information and products have helped thousands of people. At the same time, a lot of the people who bash me and these products, can’t even discipline their mind to try eating this way for one week to experience the benefits of all these things... let alone eating this way for 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years.

I am sorry if I sound adversarial, I am really passionate about this and it gets really frustrating when you have so much experience and people with none of it are just calling it garbage. So I am simply asking you, from just a logical standpoint- if you haven’t even tried it for a week, how can you roll your eyes at these experiences, these testimonials? And if you’re somebody who is running into obstacles that are in the way of the goals you want... why not be even open to considering it..?

Look I am not telling you what to believe, I am not telling you anything is all good or all bad, always right or always wrong, You have to decide for yourself, I am sharing what I have seen and what I have experienced from decades living this way, being a part of a community where I have witnessed thousands of stories and countless hours of studying research data etc etc …. So I say to each their own, I am a thousand percent a believer in this and I live it, I don’t just down vote you or flag you because I don’t agree with your opinion.

Yes I get the skepticism because I am touting something I am also selling, you’re entitled to your opinion but this is something I am passionate about and that’s why I started this company. I am new to Steamit, so I am sorry if I ruffled any feathers but I believe that what I had to share has value. You can decide for yourself …

Ask yourself - Why is at that people are so quick to scream “snake oil” at these natural remedies that have been around for thousands of years, while blindly accepting pharmaceuticals that haven’t even been around for a 100 years or so, and have countless side effects? People are afraid of what they don’t understand.

Ann Wigmore helped heal thousands of people from all sorts of degenerative diseases in the 80’s... They bashed her and they called her crazy. They said she was a quack... and now…. Those people that were helped and healed by her, have grandchildren that are living today because of her. But people don't stop and think about this and they just form their opinion. To this day, her health institute is still standing and helping people.

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It's not about the raw food it's about the crazy claims about it that you'd expect to find in some new age cult.

It's indeed a shame to see this reoccur the whole time with these kind of remedies.. The problem is that ormus is not getting the back up it needs, and that is more resaerch and official recognision, which is why people can't accept it.. Ormus is in a stage inbetween beign reconised and not, people just need so see this for themselves. If they don't want to experiment well that's their choice, and with all experiments there will always be the cirtics on the sidelines cursing and screaming 'Hell'.. It's just the way it is.. i geuss. That just something we will have to accept.. for now.. Anywasy heads up i'd say, and just ignore them..