Simple exchange of cryptocurrencies with ONEPAGEX

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The progress and success that blockchain has had in recent times has been very significant for lovers of online business since the results obtained in the cryptocurrency market have been positive especially in the financial field.

Through this technology have appeared a large number of cryptocurrencies and different types of purses for their safeguards. There are also a large number of cryptocurrency exchange houses, these sometimes do not have a variety of cryptocurrencies and users must register in several according to the variety of cryptocurrencies that it manages.

OnePageX comes to revolutionize this area of exchange because it is very easy and fast.



What is OnePageX?

OnePageX is the simple exchange of cryptocurrencies that has the ability to support the connection of several users at once, it is also very fast and has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies where it is also attached the steem in the future.


  1. It is very simple for the user to perform their transactions.
  2. It is almost instantaneous to make exchanges once you recognize the currency to change.
  3. It covers more than 140 cryptocurrencies on its platforms to be exchanged.
  4. You do not need registration to make the exchange.

How to use

When you make your first transaction, you create a URL by adding it to a single session for the user. This URL can be marked or copied to return to it indefinitely. You can also view your transactions whenever you want.

This makes their transactions simple and their interface allows it since they are online


Your transactions are online with a desire to maintain a simple interface, allowing from your page a large number of transactions where each user is added safely to the page despite not making any registration however you can return and use in a moment required with just save the page and its URL.

Case of use

Bob individual is a busy businessman and also a cryptography enthusiast. His anonymity is important to him, and he works constantly with several cryptocurrencies.
Bob needs an exchange that is anonymous, fast and offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
Bob finds OnePageX!
With OnePageX, Bob can perform multiple transactions on all his favorite cryptocurrencies! Not only that, he can do this from a single page.


Start pages and screens to make transactions

Here is the step by step that must be followed to make an exchange in a generalized way.






OnePageX will undoubtedly revolutionize the representative market for cryptocurrency exchanges, easy to handle without registers and a great variety of cryptocurrencies.
The best that users can have when they exchange.


More information OnePageX

OnePageX Website
OnePageX FAQ
OnePageX OneBox
OnePageX Twitter
OnePageX Medium
OnePageX Steemit
OnePageX Telegram

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