Goldilock Storage technology for cryptocurrencies and confidential information that offers total protection.

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GOLDILOCK high security storage


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Currently the number of hacking cases in the world has been growing, especially when we talk about websites, this topic is considered very delicate and worrisome due to the serious consequences that this would leave, these malicious actions are executed through the Internet connections, nowadays The possibility of accessing data or taking control of some intelligent system is very likely.

Technology has been increasing every day and thanks to that there are many intelligent systems such as computers or devices that are connected to the internet, and this is the reason why they can be taken or accessed in the form of remote control.

It is important to note that banking systems can also be violated and thus can even make millionaire robberies and it can be said that not only of money but also of cryptocurrencies, since they can also access the wallets where they are located.

In addition to all that I have already mentioned, other of the unpleasant things that hackers do are: insert viruses into computers, redirect people to other websites and attack other sites until they are out of service.

It can be assumed that according to the existing cases, many companies do not have the equipment that controls that their intelligent devices are safe. It is likely that manufacturers of devices connected to the Internet do not have security equipment that ensures they are not hacked.

There are some security methods that are currently implemented to avoid this type of problem which are:

1.- Hot Storage:

This method is used through the internet connection are mass storage that are always in the cloud such as Google Drive. This method offers security but it does not mean that it is impenetrable, since it is possible that while it is connected to the internet it can be hacked.

2.- Cold Storage:

This is one of the methods that exist to store cryptocurrencies, which uses physical devices that are not connected to the internet and is considered the safest. This device allows you to store cryptocurrencies so that they can only be accessed with a password that only the owner should know. However, there is also a chance that it will be lost for some reason.

It is for this reason,that through the blockchain there are also many innovations and seeing this problem born the idea of implementing a storage method that offers the best of these two existing methods thus preventing access to confidential information and cryptocurrencies that are desired protect and the technology is GOLDILOCK as its priority is to offer high security storage.

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Goldilock is the new technology that revolutionizes the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem that protects cryptocurrencies and digital assets of people and institutions.

Goldilock Security Suite, with an operating platform launched in the second quarter of 2018 that offers remote physical disconnection of Internet data, takes advantage of multifactor authentication, biometrics, triggers of regressive technology and cryptography to free the investors of the burden of protecting the purses, because our physically segregated platform is responsible for this.

In the traditional banking model, the security of its fiduciary currency is a fundamental component of the supply of banking products. When physical assets of value are stored in a bank, they are usually protected in a security box located in an inaccessible chamber.
Why are not the same measures taken to protect your cryptocurrencies and other valuable personal data in an offline environment? The traditional answer has been that the motive is "accessibility".

With Goldilock, data security without connection has been combined with the convenience of online accessibility.

Goldilock is online when you need it, disconnects when you do not need it online and is available at any time from anywhere.


GOLDILOCK is the combination of current security methods at the web level, as it has the best storage qualities both hot and cold, to prevent the existence of violation of the information or cryptocurrencies in this system.

GOLDILOCK will encourage users, whether individuals or companies, to change the way they handle digital data, since that way there will be the confidence of not losing them or being misused, since it has been demonstrated that in any of the current methods there is the possibility of some loss.

GOLDILOCK offers a high security when combining the best of cold and hot storage, because in this way there is no risk of data loss, greater privacy because to access the data once entered into the system Goldilock there is a protocol for verification of data to verify that it is the owner and can thus deliver access, custody of all keys necessary for decentralized operations.

GOLDILOCK positively affects the security and access to cryptocurrencies, since this solution is through the security "air gap" and this is controlled in part by the user and can be activated remotely, thus guarding digital storage keys and cryptocurrencies. Preventing hackers from stealing keys and misusing stored data.

GOLDILOCK uses the blockchain technology platform of NEO for having an intelligent economy with a distributed network, secure and recognized by government entities and companies for complying with the norms established and possess the necessary permits for its operation. It is also very fast and effective since its architecture is capable of processing a large amount of data. And all these features combined with Goldilock guarantee users safer and more efficient transactions. Any type of digital data can be stored as private keys for cryptocurrencies, banking and credit information, personal identities, health data, digital media, etc.

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GOLDILOCK works as follows:



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The most important benefits offered by GOLDILOCK for possessing the best of the hot and cold storage methods are the following:

1.- Absolute Security

Goldilock has a secure storage since when entering the data to the system it works as the hot storage method then it is disconnected from the web and works as cold storage thus leaving all the confidential information stored in a safe place , such as identification documentation, passwords, bank account information. Only the owner can enter once their identity is checked through a secure protocol leaving only for the time needed on the web.

2.- Speed

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Goldilock is very fast at the time of the data to enter and access that information when necessary for short periods, thus avoiding that the time on the web is enough for them to be detected by the hackers.
This technology has the ability to process a large amount of data per second, confirmed by its security speed of stored data.

3.- Reliability

Goldilock is reliable because private keys are never exposed, and when accessing, a biometric system is used remotely. and the most important thing is that transactions can not be altered.

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Goldilock uses a digital token called LOCK as active in NEO. The owners must purchase them as these will work in conjunction with the Goldilock security system to access the wallet and thus be able to make a confirmation and connect to the web. It also provides users with a record of their activity at the nodes, keeping the data owned by the user encrypted and impenetrable even from the Goldilock team.



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GOLDILOCK has a prestigious group of professionals and experts, responsible and committed to make this project work successfully. They are also very well advised with regard to the security issue storage here its presentation.

Main Team
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GOLDILOCK is a great solution to the problem of insecurity on the web with respect to hackers and the loss of data stored in cold, offering an optimal storage technology that has the better qualities of current methods such as cold storage and hot storage. Protecting all digital data stored in this system.

It should be noted that GOLDILOCK is accessible to all types of users whether they are individuals or companies that need to safeguard their data or cryptocurrencies, offering the best benefits thanks to the association with the blockchain NEO which guarantees Security in everything stored, Speed in data processing and Reliability to take care of the projects saved in Goldilock through the entire protocol made to access when necessary to the data.

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If you want to know more about GOLDILOCK you can access the following links:

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