The introduction of ONAM to the blockchain


A lot of people are getting attracted to cryptocurrency as a result of the advantages it has, and in order not to disappoint these people, an exchange platform with the name ONAM has been built to give them an efficient service so that they would have a stress free transaction.

The fact that this service is very quick and good security wise is an additional plus as the team that created it are critically scrutinizing it with the hope that hacking and stealing of data would be something that would be avoided on the blockchain.

With the use of ONAM, apart from excellent customer service and transparency, there would also be scalability which is definitely a plus for the cryptic enthusiasts and businessmen.

With the use of the ONAM platform, over ten million transactions can take place on the blockchain within a few minutes without it affecting the network.

This is made possible with the advance tools the engineers in charge use.

Using this would definitely bring profit, and it would be very attractive and this can bring more people to invest in cryptocurrency.

Here is a close scrutiny of the features of ONAM which makes it very unique and excellent.

  • Its scalability : As said earlier, more then ten million transactions can take place on the blockchain in a matter of minutes which makes it unique when it is compared to other platforms on the blockchain.

  • Its transparency: Even though one of the main issues people have with cryptocurrency is the issue of fraud, with ONAM, this would not be possible because there is a checkmate which ensures that transactions are not tampered with.

  • Its customer service is excellent: The customer service of ONAM is such that can provide help to clients and customers in need of it at any time, be it in the morning or evening. In line with that, if rated over a hundred for customer service, ONAM would definitely get an A+.

There are lots of tools on ONAM which enables crypto enthusiasts have transactions without issues. Some of them are the margin of operations where there is a choice of getting power through exchanging it with a token.

We also have the margin loans which features those that use crypto earning interest through a loan. Some others are modular user interface and composite index fund.



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