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    The game as human expression, dates from ancestral times, when man in his evolution, began to develop different activities for entertainment or competition between two or more people. But, in different periods of time, the game or the games have been perfected, adopting new forms, figures, colors, dimensions, purposes. In addition, they have been aimed especially at children, but also at adolescents, young people and adults, in different social contexts.


From the well-known and mentioned "Roman Forum" where a "Rayuela" is displayed on the floor (just to take a basic example), through the appearance of the automaton "Ajedrecista" (1912-1915), to the last of the video games (2018), and since then, to enjoy the great quantity that exists, the situations and circumstances lived by the creators are numerous and very varied, in order to achieve the objective with total success and personal and economic-material satisfactions.

That's right, friends, video games are preferred by children, teenagers, young people and adults worldwide. It is an operative and competitive market that generates large amounts of fiat money in the tacit sub-sector. In fact, today crypto coins are also associated with game consoles, and "Atari", the well-known company of the explicit industry, enters with the "Atari Token". Some time later, "TriForce Token", the crypto currency based on Ethereum, seeks to position itself to meet the demand and satisfy the needs of gamers.

Similarly, it should be noted that George Weiksner is considered the first child creator of a digital coin specially designed for the exchange between videogamers. Likewise, a multitudinous event known as "Electronic Entertainment Expo" (known as E3) is held annually in Los Angeles, California (USA), from where numerous stands with video games and accessories are exhibited, becoming one of the largest and most important fairs in the field. However, the only thing missing in "E3" is undoubtedly: "Xaya".

¿What is Xaya?

To talk about "Xaya" is to enter the decentralized virtual world without the need to use servers. It is a web alternative that allows you to move from one game to another, without having to resort to large amounts of time; and in the same way, it will contribute to the respective reduction of financial burdens, for the concept of infrastructures and the use of small equipment, for technological development.

"Xaya" solves scaling problems by implementing some of the latest computer technology methods, especially a procedure called "Game Channels", which was devised in 2015, revised a posteriori and published in the general ledger in 2016. Now, one of the features with "Xaya" is that players will have the opportunity to manipulate their own digital assets, sharing the earning potential that the developers have achieved. In short, they will be able to exchange their digital assets for real value, from the use of crypto coins and fiat money.

"Xaya" is not simply an online platform for video games... No! It is much more than that, because it leads to game worlds being executed autonomously, and that way players are prevented from losing their assets due to human error; this differs from similar platforms, where games are executed centrally, causing unfavorable situations that could range from collapse to rendering the assets unusable.

In essence, "Xaya" is a chain of blocks totally personalized and based on Namecoin, being effectively a project led on a voluntary basis for 5 productive years. Its foundations come from "Huntercoin" (2014), which was an experiment that should not last more than a year, and yet, today, still works perfectly. It should be noted that in Huntercoin, the purpose was to create a hunter in the Blockchain, and record each of its movements, for this, each node proceeds to calculate the positions and the state reached by the game in each block, something similar to the operation of intelligent contracts in Ethereum, but before the facts occurred as reality indicates.

Xaya, a little bit of history

In 2013, "Xaya" concentrated on Huntercoin, considered the first decentralized massively multiplayer game; it was the first game world built on the basis of Blockchain, which included the first cryptomontage allowed for human.

Indisputably, it was a great success, which achieved the recreation of 35,000 characters, which interacted simultaneously in the game cited. It was characterized by its autonomy and did not need any server for its operation. It became a hobby game, favorite among gamers, and managed to raise the figure of 10 million dollars, in all the time it remained operational.


The experience was fundamental, as a support point to continue exploring the world of videogames and crypto coins, in conjunction, giving rise to the platform with the interface currently known and used by videogame lovers, who feel attracted and comfortable with "Xaya´s" successful proposal, which is nothing more than a platform for gamers to create games in Blockchain, but using for it, a complexity considered unlimited, and without major maintenance costs.

Xaya, and the crypto coins

The world of crypto currencies is exciting. It grows day by day and expands to multiple areas and sectors of society. Since the appearance of Bitcoin, digital currencies have become a "boom" for society and represent the alternative economy to which organizations, institutions and people all over the world opt to solve some of the problems that arise every day and why not say it, also to satisfy some pleasures. In short, there is a great acceptance and demand for digital coins, despite some restrictions in the socio-legal order.

It is assumed that "Xaya" is an electronic platform through which users (gamers) can manipulate virtual assets, ie, crypto coins with a given value in the cryptographic market. The democratization and massification of the game in correspondence, leads to the multiplicity of virtual currencies and their high performance. "Xaya", is linked to the digital currency called "Chi"...being manipulated in the virtual environment by the developers themselves, in the hope that the games are striking and manage to capture the attention and preference of users, thus achieving the optimal performance of the digital coin in consideration.

The following graphs reflect the token's behavior in tacit periods:



The period of exchange of the digital coin "Chi", in the ecosystem "Xaya", allows the interactive and interested parties to exchange Bitcoin, and probably other digital currencies, being the primordial thing the obtaining of the tokens "Chi", since with these all the transactions and possible exchanges within the platform will be assumed, as for example: Creation of the account, fuel load, transactions such as purchase and sale of assets, massive sales driven by the "Chi", operations with other cryptocurrencies, among others.

Logically, the greater the interest of users (gamers) in the games and in obtaining and exchanging the digital currency known as "Chi", the greater the demand will be, and therefore, the amount of chips that will circulate in the digital market.

Varieties in the Xaya ecosystem

Similarly, with the "Chi" tokens, users or gamers, can make use of some varieties that make the "Xaya" ecosystem more dynamic and attractive; among the most outstanding are permanent and consumable services such as: parallel items for games (consoles, manual controls, among others), game gems, unlocking and healing codes, training to raise the level, and other varieties.

"Xaya´s" ecosystem is versatile and allows the fusion of games that can be sustained with cryptographic value, that is to say, with digital coins like the "Chi", allowing the alternative economy in the present time, also to be part of the fascinating world of the gamers, at world-wide level.


The ideal is that the "Xaya" ecosystem can grow progressively and exponentially, so that in this way, and one of the best ways, is to create new games and of interest to gamers, and thus obtain from these, investment in the short and medium term, through the exchange of the respective tokens.

Xaya and its pre-sale and sale of tokens

Regarding the pre-sale and sale of main chips, the following should be highlighted: Initially it began with a private round of pre-sale, and was subsequently divided into two compact blocks, as follows: A public pre-sale and the main chip sale, where the chip holders received 1 CHI for each chip.


Stage 1 was stipulated here: with the pre-sale of tokens from 23 MARCH to 18 MAY 2018. In this pre-sale about 29,178,394 CHI were sold, which represents a value of 330 BTC. Then, in Stage 2, corresponding to the sale of main chips, it took place from August 29 to October 10, 2018.

Currently, CHI chips are available: (119,500,000 = Contributory crypto currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, QASH). It is estimated that the process will be completed in approximately 6 weeks.

The Xaya Games

Soon, "Xaya" will release two games, called: Treat Fighter, which is a strategy game in which players make expeditions, collecting resources and preparing sweets, while fighting with other players, and in parallel, grow their armies of candy, to overcome the competition, ie, try to be the winner or winners, while, the other game that will be in circulation, is related to Soccer Manager, where players have to demonstrate their skills in the manipulation of the elements that are part of the virtual dynamics. In both cases, these are eye-catching games that please children, girls, and even the elderly.



Use Case

Jimmy's 8 years old. He loves video games, but his parents don't give him much money to spend on digital consoles. Along with a friend, Jimmy frequents an establishment near his home, with the consent of his mom and dad.

Once at the video game store, Jimmy tells his friend that he doesn't have a lot of money, and his friend tells him that in the store next door, you can play with digital consoles, and at the same time get electronic coins, with a platform called "Xaya".


Yimmy and his friend, go to the store next door, and realize that it is true, that is, with the "Xaya" platform, they can enjoy video games, at the same time get the digital coin "Chi", which they can exchange for other electronic coins and other resources, such as game gems, power, game lives, among other options.

That being so, Yimmy and his friend are completely pleased with the wonder of "Xaya"; and they agreed to return soon to that establishment to continue playing and obtaining digital coins.


Like any organization, "Xaya" also has its roadmap, through which it is guided in space and time, meeting the objectives and goals set.


Team Xaya

Like any business organization, "Xaya" is made up of a group of enterprising people, who have contributed their best to achieve the objectives and goals proposed from the beginning.

This is a group of professionals, trained, responsive, who have joined forces to offer a digital service, tailored to the requirements and needs of citizens in the area of entertainment, through the provision of an interface, within a platform, which forms a large technological and computational ecosystem.





In every man and woman who is on "Xaya's" team, there is a professional a la carte, a creative to the max, a person who at any time in his life, had access to a video game and thought, that someday would be part of the big entertainment industry with digital consoles. To them, we owe the evolution of digital games, and the fusion with electronic currencies.

Questions Answered

Definitely, "Xaya" represents a valuable opportunity for a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who see in the ecosystem of digital games and electronic currencies, the possibility of exploring parallel markets with trend towards scalability and progressivity.

Since the appearance of "Xaya" in the market of video games and digital currencies, an electronic revolution is approaching, which will benefit the gamers, since from now on they will have an ecosystem adjusted to the changes and computational transformations, where in addition to being entertained, they will be able to obtain tokens to exchange them, sell them or obtain benefits when playing.

"Xaya" guarantees the safety of players by using an updated, dynamic, intuitive, friendly ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology. It also offers impartiality when playing to avoid conflictive situations, especially when manipulating valuable objects such as digital coins.

From "Huntercoin" to "Xaya", a very big step is taken, considering that the technology has advanced and with it, the possibilities of creating new digital platforms for players. However, this first project (Huntercoin) is not abandoned, as it was considered to have been accepted by users.

"Xaya" is planning to release two very important games, these being: Treat Fighters and Soccer Manager. Both will allow entrepreneurs and implicit creators to manipulate and monitor the operative functioning of these, considering aspects such as time, speed, shapes and figures (sharpness), color, among other indicators of interest. This will allow, among other things, that the respective observations are made and if necessary, the corrections that will be assumed for immediate or future games.

Undoubtedly, the rise of digital coins, makes "Xaya" and the digital coin "Chi" become a playful and economical attraction for users or gamers. This is one of the premises of interest and perhaps the one that will attract more attention of all people, especially those interested in playing and obtaining digital assets. It is for this reason that the two games mentioned in advance, become a topic of interest for the interactive parts in the dynamics of the ecosystem of "Xaya".

It is vital to use computational methods and techniques that allow the combination of "Xaya" Blockchain scaling solutions with virtual reality technology, as long as it is to improve the experience not only of the user or gamers, but also of the entrepreneurs and creators.

At the same time, the Blockchain, becomes a key point or aspect within the topic addressed, considering in advance, which is a guarantee of security, transparency and scalability within the context of the Internet. It is something that gives "Xaya" credibility and positioning on the Internet.


"Xaya" emerges as a viable action alternative, in an area that is marked by the production of more than 100 million dollars, that is, the video game market, which creates so many satisfactions in large numbers of people, whether entrepreneurs, creators or users (gamers).


"Xaya", for some time has been giving pinnacles in this virtual field, with Huntercoin in the Blockchain, and continues to advance, now with an electronic platform, completely modernized and based on cutting-edge technology, which will allow the fusion of video games with digital coins, allowing through the token "Chi", exchanges, sales and purchases can be made.

"Xaya" will allow users (gamers) to open accounts in designed games and they will be available to all people who have the resources (digital currencies) to be part of this wonderful virtual experience, where all processes will occur without a server, but through the nodes, with the speed and security that only Blockchain technology can offer.

In "Xaya", there are numerous factors in favor, which allow to consider in a previous way the total success of this company of the digital sector at world-wide level, standing out among these, the Blockchain technology, the previous experience, and the capacity of the human talent that works there.

Digital Platforms

The following links will allow you to visit each of the digital platforms, where Xaya lives online:










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