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What is Kinesis?

Kinesis is actually a monetary system, you could say it is the future of currency. Kinesis provides a system that stimulates the use of its coin for daily use by providing rewards for its use. Thus ensuring the coin has a permanent and true value and it will put an end to people hoarding crypto currency which makes the market very volatile.

Kinesis is primarily backed by allocated gold and silver. This means that full direct title to the bullion backing the currency is given to the owner of the respective coin.

It gives a perpetual yield in accordance with the economic activity, thus yield is created by spending opposed to the credit option used by other systems.

It is fully based on the blockchain.

Kinesis' Market Entry Strategy:

Kinesis strategy is based on an irruption into the market based on the following 4 concepts:

  • Cryptocurrency Markets
  • Gold and Silver Markets
  • Fiat Currency Markets
  • Investment Asset Markets

    Due to its yield system, Kinesis strategy is better than anything we have ever had up to now, as it is less risky and because spending increases its value.

Kinesis ITO

The Kinesis Velocity Token KVT is an ERC20 compatible token is used to raise capital, its owners will share in the profits. It will be available to the public from September 10 until November 11, 2018.

Kinesis ICO

The ICO comprises the KAU and KAG coin offering, these will be backed by gold and silver bullion.

These coins are the medium through which all transactions on the Kinesis Monetary System will be handled.

The ICO starts on November 12, 2018.

“Kinesis Design Philosophy:

Kinesis was designed to:
· Overcome the volatility limitations of cryptocurrencies as a reserve currency
· Improve upon the storage of value limitations of fiat currencies
· Turnover the negative present value of worldwide bank account holdings
· End the habit of governments funding themselves via printing money and creating deficits
· Eliminate the philosophy of centralized banking
· Change the habit of people storing their gold, silver, cryptocurrency, etc. (“good money”)
· Attach interest yields to physical assets such as gold, silver, property, etc.
· Create a better yield system than that offered by the credit/borrowing networks
· Eliminate fraud and theft from asset-backed securities
· Provide an digital (OTC) Over-the-Counter alternative for bullion exchange markets
· Provide entry points for small markets to list their physical assets for exchange opportunities.”

The following comprise Kinesis’ Digital Operations:

Kinesis Currency Exchanges (KCX)
Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN)
Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE)
Kinesis Financial Network (KFN):
Kinesis Commercial Centre (KCC)

“Kinesis users are financially rewarded based on their participation and the overall velocity (rate that the money changes hands) of the Kinesiscurrency).”


This is my entry for @originalworks - Kinesis sponsored writing contest


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