Goldilock: Top Security Suite For Your Crypto and Digital Assets

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Looking for a convenient way to access your files anywhere? Are you happy with the security of your online stored files? Do you think cloud storage or external storage drives are enough to protect you from security breaches? Think again.

In this day and age where computing activities can be monetized, there is a need for a remotely accessible and much improved security storage system. Since cryptocurrencies do not have any physical state like coins or paper bills, it needs to be stored safely and securely to prevent it from being hacked or stolen. These days, even paper documents need to be digitized for additional safekeeping. What better way to store both than use a combined offline and online storage like Goldilock, right?

Let's do a quick review of what people store and the currently available storages.

1. Types of Digital Storage:

• Personal, Offline or Cold storage:
Computer hard drive (HD), external HDs, Solid State Drives or SSD, big data servers, Trezor, Ledger Nano, etc.

• Centralized, Online or Hot storage:
Centralized exchanges or wallets like Coinbase, Xapo, Coins.PH etc. Cloud computing services or storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


2. What can be digitally stored?

• Crypto Assets:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem and other cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

• Digital Information:
Any file created digitally, either offline or online. Example files would be scanned or digitized important documents, research articles or contracts, photos or composed images, video files, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) information, sensitive government data, websites, mobile apps, etc.

As you can see above, there are many things that needs to be safely stored. Information can increase significantly over time. People like to keep things/information as a remembrance, for documentation purposes or simply to protect ourselves from identity theft. Now how can we store all the files an individual or a company have accumulated in a secure way? How can small or big data be stored and yet be remotely accessible whenever and wherever needed in a convenient way ?

goldilock mini logo3.png -- Let me introduce you to Goldilock -- goldilock mini logo3.png

Goldilock is a patent-pending innovative digital security and storage solution that is remotely activated and user-controlled. You will sleep better and ease your worries by securely storing your crypto assets and sensitive digital information in Goldilock. You will be able to conveniently access it too in just a few minutes anytime, anywhere.

As quoted from their whitepaper:

"Goldilock is online when you need it, offline when you don’t, and available anytime from anywhere."

Goldilock header.jpg

1. The Goldilock Team

The Goldilock team has decades of experience in a combination of entrepreneurial endeavors in marketing, financial services and emerging technology. They created the LOCK token to advance their mission of providing the best way to secure and access stored digital assets instantly and remotely, anytime and anywhere.

team 1.jpg

2. The Advisors

The Goldilock advisors are the team's partners who are industry experts in telecommunications, storage, regulatory affairs, media and digital security.

goldilock advisors.jpg

3. The Network Partners

Their network partners are top investment and blockchain technology experts, a global blockchain services firm and compliance and regulatory specialists.


goldilock mini logo3.png -- The Goldilock Security Suite --goldilock mini logo3.png

What comprises the Goldilock Security Suite?

  1. For cryptocurrency investors, there's the Goldilock Wallet.
  2. For institutions or companies there's an available integration via the Goldilock API for important information, crypto keys and digital assets.
  3. Colocations or physical storage in data centers can be leased by enterprises in order to have direct control of the servers.
  4. For personal or institutional use, there is an On-Premises Deployment Option available: Physical devices for remote-operated "airgap security."

goldilock mini logo3.png -- What Makes Goldilock Unique? --goldilock mini logo3.png

Goldilock has a U.S. patent-pending airgap technology feature and the LOCKTM token.

1. Goldilock = Airgap security

The "physical airgap disconnection" feature is what makes it unique in anything we see in the market today.

Cloud computing services and storage are always online. If you make a gap "in the air" to the "clouds" then files/data will not always be online anymore, right? It will be more secure from online threats while offline. Once offline and disconnected, it can still be conveniently accessed only when you use Goldilock. This is what makes Goldilock golden.

With the pending "airgap toggled by non-IP triggers" technology patent held by Goldilock, no one else can make and use the same kind of technology. Anyone who plan to compete in the same market would have to get in contract with Goldilock.

2. The Goldilock LOCKTM Token

Goldilock will have a NEP-5 asset called LOCK, a digital token on the NEO Blockchain. LOCK is required in order to access the Goldilock Security Suite.



The system will include a Goldilock Wallet to access any stored information. When a user logs into the Goldilock Wallet, it will ask the NEO blockchain if the user's public key address has a LOCK token. If yes, a Goldilock Wallet browser will come up.

Upon user access, the Wallet will create audit information to Goldilock's private audit blockchain. Everytime your private keys are accessed or brought online, this activity will be recorded and stored, which can also only be accessed from the Goldilock Wallet.

This means the LOCK token will enable the recording of the user's every activity on the blockchain while keeping the user data secure even from the Goldilock team. "LOCK is to be the accepted method of subscription payment for individual users on the Goldilock Security Suite."

Goldilock intends to make NEO the most secure cryptocurrency to date. With LOCK, the team will be able to support NEO and expand to include other cryptocurrencies in the future aside from NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- The Goldilock Advantage -- goldilock mini logo3.png

Secure storage of sensitive information, accessibility issues, data hacking and stolen crytocurrency assets are some of the biggest problems in the world. This is why Goldilock was created.

The Goldilock solution to existing security and storage problems can be summarized into three things:
• Quick user online access to stored personal data and private keys anytime.
• Secure online access to stored user personal data and private keys anywhere upon online connection.
Fully backed up user personal data and private keys isolated and secured from human contact or error.

On top of that, Goldilock is an amalgam of many top security and storage features.


goldilock mini logo3.png -- How does Goldilock Work? -- goldilock mini logo3.png

With Goldilock being the bridge and security lock between offline and online storage, it allows you to store data/private keys using the LOCK token.


It makes use of the "airgap", meaning without Goldilock access, your data is secured from anyone even the Goldilock team.

Watch this introductory video below.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- Road Map -- goldilock mini logo3.png

The Goldilock project plan is as follows.


☑ November: Goldilock patent filed

☑ Q1: Technical Proof-of-Concept Delivered
☑ Q2: Closed First Institutional Client Agreements
☑ Q2 2018: Release of Goldilock Wallet for NEO and NEP-5 Cryptocurrency to presale participants
☑ July 2018: LOCK Token Sale
• Q3 2018: Release of Goldilock Wallet for Cryptocurrency to all token holders
• Q4 2018: Launch of Goldilock for Digital Assets
• Q1 2019: Release of Goldilock API Services

• Q1 2019: Release of Goldilock API Services
• Q1 2019: Launch of institutional services
• Q2 2019: Direct Device manufacturing kickoff for cost and size reduction

This means, the Goldilock Wallet will be made first, followed by the Goldilock API services.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- The Goldilock Wallet & API Services -- goldilock mini logo3.png

The Wallet is being developed first by the Goldilock team so NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens can be stored and used in transactions.

Wallet Security features:
• Wallet keys inside a disconnected but unique, encrypted hardware wallet device
• Uses PIN/Voice verification and Non-IP commands over a Non-IP Public Switch Telephony Network
• Auto disconnection from the internet upon closing the Goldilock Wallet
• Individual or unique URL wallet assigned to each Wallet.
• Two-Factor authentication.

The API Services will be developed next for developers to use Goldilock as an added security feature. It can be used by private institutions with centralized applications, existing wallet providers, dApps, etc.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- Why Goldilock Uses NEO -- goldilock mini logo3.png

These are the main reasons why Goldilock uses the NEO Smart Economy.
• NEO uses a Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) algorithm which is a superior consensus mechanism.
• Does not require mining, thus transactions are done faster.
• The use of NEO smart contracts intergrates with pre-exisiting coding programming languages and will allow individual digital keys and signatures. This means digital identities can be confirmed and known and can stand for regulatory compliance.


Same as Goldilock's goals, the combination of digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts will make NEO a secure blockchain recognized by governments and enterprises. Using NEO will assure Goldilock users the best and most secure business transactions on the blockchain.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- Benefits to Consumers and Institutions -- goldilock mini logo3.png

With Goldilock, people will not have to worry or spend a lot in both hot and cold storage. Goldilock will suffice for all the crypto and data security storage we will need now and in the future.

Here are some use cases or scenarios where Goldilock can be beneficial.

1. Crypto Exchanges, Online Wallet Providers and Individuals

If crypto exchanges and online wallet platforms use the Goldilock technology in their system, private keys of users will be more secure thus their crypto assets will not be stolen. Meaning, more users will trust the exchanges/wallets and membership can grow exponentially.

For individuals like you and me, we won't need to rely solely on a Trezor or only use exchanges/wallets like Coinbase or Xapo. We can sign up for a Goldilock account and acquire LOCK tokens so we can be sure our crypto assets will really be safe in a remote vault and easily accessible when we need to trade or exchange it to fiat.

2. Banks, Financial Institutions and Governments

Banks can offer a more efficient and secure wire transfer solution to clients by using Goldilock. Each individual's password, IDs, contracts, bank account or credit card information can be stored within Goldilock. Only the LOCK token will allow a user to approve data sharing to multiple parties and also act as escrow.

Financial related identity theft can also be avoided if all relevant personal information are secure behind Goldilock technology. No one else can access personal information except the users. For example, on-demand it can be accessed by credit agencies only thru the credit info owner's immediate permission.

In the same way, sensitive government information can be encrypted into Goldilock. If used, not even the Goldilock team will know what government files will be stored in the system. Hacking a blockchain database is not going to be easy with the inclusion of airgap technology and the LOCK tokens. Therefore it is definitely as secure as possible plus it also has a full back up service.

3. Entertainment and Health Care Industries

Let's say the music and movie companies store all their media files within Goldilock, this will assure them that unauthorized individuals won't have access to anything without their permission. This can let them grant VIP access to certain people.

Take for example the Goldilock client SmartChain Media. They can use Goldilock to secure on-demand distribution of premium content on a social media like platform with crowdfunding features.

As for the healthcare communities, personal health records will be protected by the innovative Goldilock technology. Research information and other pertinent data will only be shared and accessed by permission to laboratories, pharmacists, doctors, etc. Individuals and/or family members can feel better knowing their health information will not be released to third parties without their approval.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- Token Allocation & Use of Proceeds -- goldilock mini logo3.png

LOCK tokens are available to purchase using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO, and USD. Founders and advisors will have a required six month lock-in period before their LOCK tokens can be sold in order to protect token sale contributors and the project.


The maximum capital Goldilock aims to gather is $50M USD with most of the proceeds going to platform development.

Join the token sale and spread the experience of using the excellent security and storage service that Goldilock can provide.

goldilock mini logo3.png -- More Information & Resources -- goldilock mini logo3.png

Goldilock Website
Goldilock WhitePaper
Goldilock Tokenomics
Goldilock Telegram
Goldilock Discord
Goldilock Linkedin
Goldilock Facebook
Goldilock Twitter
Goldilock Reddit
Goldilock Github

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Most info and media used were taken from the Goldilock website and whitepaper.
Other images are from Pixabay.
Contest is sponsored by @originalworks.

Written by @artgirl for Steemit.

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