Meditation in D Phrygianish...

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So how do I really feel about May?

It was rough, y'all. It is my settled idea to complain as little as possible (now that I have put myself on a blockchain saying that right here, I guess I have to live up to it), so we're not going there. Lessons learned about my limitations and that of those around me as well; lessons learned about doing what you can, and letting go of what you can't.

That very first day of June, I got some excellent perspective on all that has been going on, and so, thank God, we have made it into June!

This particular piece is my meditation on May, the bad, and the good -- somewhere between D Phyrgian and D major, sad but hopeful, and resolute, grooving onward, moving forward. May is gone and what I needed to learn, I learned. Here we are in June -- forward.

By the way, Steemians, you all were the bright spot in a difficult May. Thank you for reading and listening, and your steady support.

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